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Entries for Castle Siege

Avremarus Under Siege

Sir Godfrey and his valiant troops desperately hold out against the huge armies of the evil Lord Hugo.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Battle for the Lion Castle

The Troll army are besieging a Lion Knight fortress with their ladders and ballista, but the knights are doing a not-too-shabby job of holding them off.

Hopefully I got the pics right this time... I couldn't think of a good name.

Submitted by: Aren the Elf

Castle Lionheart under siege

Lady Sophie Lionheart screams as she opens the window and recognizes all the Dragon Knights lead by Lord Grimbart! This malicious one tries to break through the side entrance. But one of the guards already blows the alert trumpet - will the reinforcement arrive in time?

Submitted by: Lennet

Desert Castle Siege

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Fall of Constantinople

In the year 1453 the city of Constantinople was attacked by Ottoman forces. They used huge cannons, constructed by their engineer Urban. The byzantinian defenders had no chance against the overwhelming army and the blackpowder weapons.

Submitted by: Disco86

Fire in the Hole!

The mountain city of Hralmar has held out for months against the might of the Darmian Empire, but its weakness has been discovered- a small gate used by villagers from the city's outlying farms hidden away in a draw. The Darmians plan to bring an end to this stalemate, fielding their new and powerful culverin against the unsuspecting gatehouse defenders. The walls of Hralmar will crumble before its might! This build includes playable features such as opening gates (pictured) and accessible battlements and battlefield areas.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Flying Falcons

After years of tedious tension, the grudges of the ancient Falcon clan and the rising Dragon clan culminated in armed conflict. The duke of Nest was going to show those pesky Dragonknights how things were done in the old days. He laid siege to one of their strongholds near the border. However, he found out, that the Dragonknights sure make high walls. After several failed attempts to storm the castle, he finally called in his special forces; the Flying Falcons. These veterans of many wars are going to make short work of this stronghold.

After the photoshoot, my son had a blast launching minifigs with the catapult. It works pretty well.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Konrad Kaiser's trebuchet

Submitted by: bocha

Last Stand in the Badlands

Deep in the muddy badlands, the barbarians rally to stamp out the occupation, starting with the mighty fortress of Stonehold, situated on the edge of a rushing river.

Submitted by: Brickninja

Shoot Them Down

Submitted by: Sir Erathor

Siege of CeÚbanach Dýn

Submitted by: vitreolum

Siege of Minas Tirith

This is a scene from the Lord of the Rings. The armies of Mordor are attacking the city of Minas Tirith. They are using the battering ram named Grond to break through the main gate. It is shaped like a wolf's head and enchanted with black magic.

Submitted by: Disco86

Taking Charge

The attackers in their haste forgot to cover the structure with animal hides. Now flaming arrows will be an enemy to the wooden structure.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

The attack of Black Falcon's

Submitted by: papat08

The battle of helms deep.


Submitted by: Takkata

The Sapper's Shortcut

The red dragon sappers try to take a shortcut under the wall through the sewers, but are foiled by the lion knights opening the flood gates.

Submitted by: Vorkosigan

The Siege

Do you think the sneaky red army will beat the defenders?

Submitted by: Toltomeja

The Siege of Bannockburn Castle

Count Rosencross and his men defend his castle from an attack by a neighboring lord.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

The Siege of Bijkird

Submitted by: josdu

The Siege of Kither Alamed

My first entry to the category

Submitted by: josdu

Timber and Ashes

The rebel forces had grown much stronger in the safety of the forest. Unfortunately, their numbers had attracted the attention of the Royal Kingdom. The rebelís fortress proved ineffective against the pitch, torches, and superior numbers of the Royal Forces. The siege did not last long. The rebel forces fought valiantly, but in the end, all that was left of their force was scattered bits timber and ashes.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Under attack

Submitted by: markus1984

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