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Entries for Miscellaneous - Large Creation

6082 Fire Breathing Fortress

Submitted by: edgelessabyss

Adalgardis Keep

Nestled along the eastern coastline of the kingdom lies the small village of Adalgardis. The peaceful location is kept safe and secure by the presence of a strong watchtower standing atop a large stone mountain. It is here where Sir Godfrey is making his rounds of inspection of all his coastal fortifications.

Submitted by: Brother Steven


Ashtanshire is a bustling little village with a prosperous economy. New buildings dot the countryside. Life is everywhere, especially on the docks, which are large enough to take in most vessels. The land has never known war and the intimidating castle overlooking the countryside may well keep it that way.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

Asian Mountain Castle

This castle includes a blend of Asian architecture. It went on display at the Shenandoah Public Library in Shenandoah, Iowa as part of the Chateau Lego III guessing contest on Dec. 1, 2014. It includes a mountain castle complete with treasure, a hot spring, and a garden.

Submitted by: LibraryJoy


1314AD, 24th June, Bannockburn, Near Stirling, Scotland. Edward II decides leads an army to attack the Scottish following their besieging of the English garrison at Stirling castle the year before.

The 'War of the North' (Wars of Scottish Independence) had been ongoing since 1296AD, begun when Edward I had invaded Scotland to enforce his claim of overlordship on John Balliol, King of Scotland. During Edward I's reign the war had been going the way of the English, following his death though his son's position became more difficult. When Stirling Castle was besieged an agreement was made that if the castle was not relieved by the English by summer it would be surrendered to the Scots. Edward II was unable to ignore the challenge and raised the largest army that had yet been seen on English soil.

The army crossed the boarder on 17 June 1314 and approached Stirling Castle via the crossing over the Bannock burn. Unlike most medieval battles it took place over two days. Battles at this time were dominated by the mass charge of knights. The Scots at this time came up with a solution. They developed an arrangement called a 'schiltrom', which was a group of a few dozen men with huge long pikes, over 5m long. These were radiated outwards with the pikes dug into the ground whilst the men held it. The English knights charging the schltrom were impalled on these spikes. You can read more detail about the battle here:

The English leaders from their defeat firstly mounted knights en masse could not always be relied upon to over come properly organized and well disciplined infantry unless they had support of archers. Secondly that the their archers had won the firefight with the Scottish archers by virtue of the weight of fire. Thirdly that the choice of ground could be a deciding factor in the outcome of a battle. Fourthly that the ground could be improved with obstacles.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Black Hollow

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Border Guard Tower

High in the mountains of Csheg along the northern border of the Royal Kingdom sets the highlands watch tower, as it is often called. Far from any aid, the guards that stand watch here must rely on their own talents and ingenuity. Ever watchful, they protect the wild border and guard the rugged old bridge that serves as the only crossing for the roaring river between the two nations.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

CCCXII - Bushido - Way of the Warrior

Bushido is a Japanese word for the way of the samurai life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry.

Samurais have been trained in outlying academies to learn this way of life and of course fihgting with the sword.

Submitted by: Disco86

Draygon Castle

Submitted by: Sir Valiant~

Dunehill Castle

A fortress in a desert region.

Submitted by: CaptainBraunsfeld

Dwynnburg Castle

A Castle built on two rock located in front of the coast. This way the part with the keep and the palace could be seperated from the other part with barracks stables and the other buildings.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Elvin Manor

A clan of elves live in a beautiful manor protected by the natural surrounding mountains and cliffs. They are currently being confronted by members of a friendly clan to settle a dispute.

Submitted by: Regenerate

Emerald Creek Ruins

Submitted by: Sir Valiant

Falworth Castle Revisted

Mark of Falworth was finally relieved of his amnesia and delirium after being captured by the Areani on his return to the Outlaw lands. The last few years had been extremely trying and he decided to return to his favorite castle to get a much needed rest from his life of action and peril.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Forewarned is Forearmed

The orcs are attacking the castle after days of siege. But the knights were prepared...

Submitted by: lordlego

Forgotten Monastery

Submitted by: MassEditor

Fortress in the Snow

A medieval castle in the snowy mountains.

Submitted by: CaptainBraunsfeld


Galahirim is one of many Sacred Forest border outposts along the Great Southern River. These outposts are set up as an early warning system against enemy incursions, and also serve as minor points of trade between the foresters and other civilizations.

Submitted by: blufiji

Gravensteen Castle

A dragon attacks Gravensteen Castle.

Submitted by: LittleJohn


Wizard's tower built around a floating tree of life. Mix of classical castle style with newer techniques.

Submitted by: cookiesdad

Laketown - Hobbit Poster 2014

Lego replica of the Hobbit Poster for the Final movie,

Submitted by: mpoh98

Medieval City Streetview

A view of a city street with your typical shops. Inspired by Dinan, France.

Submitted by: mockingbird

My little Castle on the beach

A small castle on the beach.

Submitted by: 10d26ef4b1f52b793680f29554ad39ab

New Castle Keep

The original inspiration for this creation was my castle keep submission to the Lego Ideas website. Most of Lego's official castles do not include an actual castle keep which I sought to remedy with my creation. While searching the internet for a medieval castle keep to use as an example, I found pictures of the New Castle Keep in the United Kingdom and decided to try my hand at a larger creation. Although definitely far from a full reproduction, I was able to experiment with the half-step inset brick per floor from the original keep (accented with white bricks in my creation). Although, a more difficult construction that I had originally expected, I was able to simulate the effect to my satisfaction.

Submitted by: durazno33

Nobleman's Manor

A residence for the aristocracy of the Lion Kingdom. Built on a small crystal mine, a hidden source of their wealth.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Shadowmere Border Outpost

Submitted by: MassEditor

Slowbelly Keep

Lady Mercy has been carried off to Slowbelly Keep (so named because of the keep's sole inhabitant for the last few years, Slowbelly the dragon) by Squilby and his dragon Princess. Help is on the way as Thiery, Mcdougal, Fergus, and their friends storm the castle. But with numerous Dragon Priests, Squilby, Aramis, and the dragon Slowbelly guarding it, will they be successful?

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Sorcerer's Solace

The crimson wizard retires to his dark tower in order to reflect, plan and gather his thoughts. No one enters the dark tower except the sorcerer himself. He has stricken every plant and tree on the surrounding grounds except the red anemone. He has caused this flower to flourish. No one knows how or why.

Submitted by: Regenerate

Stallworth Keep

The main keep in the Capital City of Ruinous

Submitted by: vendezzz

Stout Royal Wedding

Lord Stout had not been home for more than a month when his eldest son asked him to be the Commissioner of Marriage for his upcoming nuptials.

Submitted by: thedonald13


A group of knights was sent to undiscovered lands on a quest for glory and treasures. Instead they only found the remains of ancient civilisations. These ruins are now overrun by followers of unspeakable cults of evil and their twisted and undead servants.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

The old countryside

It is an autumn day. There are a lot of work around the country house. The field must be ploughed, the wood must be chopped,...The winter coming soon.

Submitted by: matka

The Seat of Power

The throne room of the mighty Crusaders faction.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Trial by fire

The old watchtower loomed above him. Blinking sweat from his eyes, he sprinted past the entrance markers as the first agent reached him. He parried a lightning-fast dagger strike with his sword, his backswing opening the agent's throat. Warriors seemed to fade out of nothingness around him as he ran up the few steps to the door, his sword flicking left and right slicing arteries as he fled.

The door was locked. Turning, a bare-headed warrior flew at him, dagger cutting wildly. Sithric barely had time to defend himself, knocking the dagger aside with a fierce strike whilst jabbing with his left. His opponent flinched as his nose was crushed, seconds before Sithric's longsword tore a hole through his midriff. He had hardly hit the ground before Sithric was bounding up a ladder to the tower's roof. Another agent, clad in dark fabric, leaped out of the trees ahead of him but quickly had his dagger reversed into his unprotected shoulder. Sithric took the steps two at a time, aware of a greater menace clawing at his heels.

A rickety siege engine sat atop the tower, heavily rusted with age. A bolt sat in the groove, still primed. Its last owners must have left in a hurry. Sithric jumped with all his remaining might, reaching for the trigger. His armoured weight jarred the engine free of its stand, wrenching it round just as his pursuer reached the top of the steps.

Sithric pulled the trigger. The engine's ancient arms released slackly, time having sapped much of their strength. But it was enough. The rusted, pock-marked bolt shot out, embedding itself in the unaware warrior in a shower of brain and blood, sending the body tumbling like a ragdoll. Sithric rolled onto the wooden boards, at the point of collapse. The warrior's sword lay in front of him, its tip caught in the engine's cables. The sun, which Sithric notice for the first time, shone enticingly from its intricate blade. The hilt was clad in supple leather, lovingly laced with silk thread. Sithric reached and took his prize.

42x44 stud boundary, LDD rendered in POV-Ray. All parts checked on Brickshelf for availability. Original image 2217x2352 pixels, reduced to 965x1024 for entry.

Submitted by: Becheman

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