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Entries for The Best Intentions

An accidental Rube Goldberg Machine

An inexperienced squire puts the heavy armor on the top shelf while setting up his master's pavilion, and thus creates an accidental Rube Goldberg machine.

Submitted by: Aren the Elf

An Embarrasing Accident

A group of traveling merchants hired some soldiers to accompany them on their trip across the desert. Along the way, one of the soldiers said he didn't think the merchants could even put up a tent. The merchants however, stated that they most certainly could do such an "easy task", as putting up a tent. Unfortunately for them they turned out wrong...

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Archery Tournament then Joust

In honor of the high king, the most honored teams of squires and knights must prove their skill before their king at the yearly archery and joust tournament. The targets were just put away to make way for the knights to begin their sport when up rides last year's seasoned champion, Sir Yorkfield.

Submitted by: durazno33

Count Rosencross' Camp

Count Rosencross and many of his retainers are on their way to participate in the Games of Hradcany. On the way they set up camp near a small river. Elvodug and Flemup were preparing dinner when Flemup clumsily bumped a log from the fire into the edge of the cooking tent. The tent caught fire quickly and soon it was all that the men could do to keep the fire from spreading.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Dragons Playing With Fire

A couple of unfortunate Dragon Knights set fire to their own tent.

Submitted by: ZacharyIslazy

Drink Airag Responsibly

Airag is the mongolian national drink. It is a fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare's milk. Even if it only has a low percentage of alcohol, some people still can't control their consumption... and loose their balance.

Submitted by: Disco86

Keep it safe

He planted the tree as a young boy and has looked after it since. He doesn't let fire any where near it.

Submitted by: scottstaz

Tatar Accident

A Tatar in the wide plains of north-west asia has some problems with a tent, caused by speeding on horse.

Submitted by: Disco86

The Unattended Torch

Though dusk was fast approaching, Sven was excited do finally be deep in the woods where he could hunt without fear of being caught by the authorities. After hurriedly setting up his heavy tent near a thick patch of sweet mushrooms, and gathering enough firewood to last the whole night, Sven lit his old torch. Just as he was about to start building his campfire, he stopped for a moment. Sven tilted his head to the side so that he could better listen with his keen ears. Something was rustling through the forest underbrush not far from him. Sven recognized these noises as the unmistakable scratching of a wild forest chicken. Quickly he set down the lit torch and grabbed his hunting bow and set out to find his dinner. The wild chicken was a quick and easy catch, as the simple birds are not very bright. Sven smiled widely as he carelessly strolled back to his camp quite pleased with his luck, but as he got closer, something seemed wrong. He wondered why the camp site looked so bright from his distance. Then, all at once, he remembered the torch he had left. His tent was on fire!

Base Dimensions: 20 x 20 Studs
Minifigs: 1
Animals: 1

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

to make a King Laugh

1318AD, Autumn time, Wolmer Forest. King Edward II rewards Morris, one of his kitchen staff for making him laugh.

Haven gone out for a hunt one of the Kings kitchen staff, Morris, keeps falling from his horse. The numerous accidents make the King laugh and once the hunt is over he pays Morris twenty shillings - the equivalent of a years salary. Being a meticulous record keeper the King notes the payment to Morris in his private expenses which end up in the possession of a Thomas Astle an English antiquary and palaeographer (22 December 1735 1 December 1803).

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Tree-Tromped Tent

After a long day of hiking though the dense forest. Colin and Edmund thought they were unlucky when it was Jack's turn to spend the night in the tent. However, when they awoke to a great crash and their angry friend's hollers, and then pulling poor Jack out from under the great, dead branch, the two realized it was they who had the good fortune.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Undashed Spirits

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

Watch out for that... tent.

Next time you walk into a tent, lower your battle ax ;) .

Submitted by: josdu

Wolfpack shelter

Submitted by: markus1984

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