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Entries for Bring Out Your Dead

''May the Soul return''

Mirkwood Elves bringing a dead body into the Forest, to bury him so he might get a chance for rebirth in a new body.

Submitted by: marcu44

A father should not bury his son

Bring Out Your Dead
Part 3

616AD (c), River Deben, near Woodbridge, Kingdom of East Anglia England. King Rædwald bury's his son Rægenhere.

The recently won The Battle of the River Idle came at a cost, the death of a son. Having brought his body back from the Kingdom of Lindsey, the grave has been dug. The burial rituals are now about to begin, including the sacrifice of the Kings horse.

This story is based on an idea by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Carla Nayland</a> and this build represents mound 17 at Sutton Hoo.

When the grave was excavated two grave pits were revealed under the mound, one containing a young man and the other containing a horse. The horse was a stallion or gelding, five or six years old and about 14 hands high.

Its thought the young man was aged about twenty-five, buried in a rectangular wooden coffin fitted with iron clamps. He was buried with a long sword by his side and an iron knife in a leather sheath. By his shoulder was a small cloth-lined leather purse or pouch had been placed by his shoulder, containing seven rough-cut garnets, and a fragment of red and blue glass. Underneath the coffin were two spears and a shield with an iron boss. The coffin had been laid on top of the shield boss and consequently tipped to one side over time. In the grave was an iron-bound bucket, a bronze cauldron with an earthenware cooking pot stacked inside it, and a handful of lamb chops propping up a bronze bowl, a horse harness and possible a saddle.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

A noble death

Submitted by: scottstaz

A Pause in the Procession

In the wake of an attack from some gold-hungry forestmen, a convoy of knights hold a hurried burial for one of their valiant members.

A throwback to set 677 - Knight's Procession.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

A Tribute to Prosperity

A Byzantine family construct a statue commemorating the life of a recently passed family member. The statue looks out over a lush oasis, to signify the mans success in overlooking wealth and property within his family line.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Burial of a Sea King

Submitted by: josdu

Burial of an Honorable Man

A man is buried outside a medieval church.

Submitted by: Noel Peterson ~

Burial of Darby O'Gill

For Darby, the end of his songs and stories came as it does to everyone. Although the moors would never hear his songs again, the towns would echo with his fanciful tales of Leprechauns for generations upon generations. And among the little people, his eternal loyalty would never be forgotten as their King promised to guard his tomb atop the moors of Ireland.

Submitted by: durazno33

Death of the Beast

What would happen if a strange beast were to be discovered in the medieval times? It would most likely be executed, of course. This entry shows the celebration following the death (execution) of just one such beast. Notable features include a headsman, the royal family, rejoicing peasants (including a keg), a fountain, and a town wall to scale with doors and a small bretèche.

Submitted by: Grover

Feeding Time!

Are you a Criminal or a Mitgardian? Keep out for the Kyrrath' government, cause if they will catch you there will be a big change you will be fed to the bloodthirsty Bigteeth.

Kyrrath, a city in Nocturnus has a weird ceremony: Every Monday, someone will be fed to Bigteeth. Most times this will be a criminal, but when there are no criminals, there will always be a Mitgardian or so :). This ceremony seems to be a bit weird, but it actually keeps the trading routes to kyrrath way safer, cause Bigteeth is much less hungry when you feed him on time :)

Submitted by: jaapxaap

Home Burial

A father and husband mourns for the death of his son. In the recent war, his son was killed in a great battle that occurred overseas. His body was returned to his father, who buried his son on their family property, where the boy's mother lies. The man's friend, a minister, helps bless his son's soul as he passes on to the next world.

Submitted by: Roy of Floremheim

Into the Catacombs

The dead not only rest in this place, but stand watch over those that do. The newest visitor of this foul place is a brave Captain, seen safely to rest by two devoted soldiers.

Submitted by: adamsonofwilliam

Mourning the Fallen

A Mitgardian widow and her child mourn the death of their husband and father, who died in battle against the Algus invaders.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Pyre at Odins Tree

Submitted by: Gunnarr Leidolf

Saint Magnus Erlendsson

Magnus Erlensson was born in 1080 to one of the earls of Orkney. His older brother (Aerling) and older cousin (Hakon) were in line to take over the two thrones from their two fathers, but Hakon was the cause of Aerling’s death and Magnus became next in line for his father’s throne. Throughout his life, Magnus was pious and gentle, but Hakon was not content being one of two rulers. Magnus was forced to flee and came to Egilsay island in 1115 by request to make peace. Each was to only bring 2 ships; Magnus obeyed; Hakon brought 8 ships.
“an angry Haakon made his cook Lifolf kill Magnus by striking him on the head with an axe. It was said that Magnus first prayed for the souls of his executioners.” –Wikipedia
The area where he was murdered changed from being rocky to a green field with flowers that gave off a heavenly scent.
Political/religious reasons led to his death, and thus he is considered a martyr and is a Saint.

With a mere flip of a switch, 28 gears spring into action to turn the ground from rocky to a green meadow. It is very fun to operate. :)

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

The funeral of Hoster Tully

It's a scene from the TV-Show Game of Thrones, the funeral of Lord Hoster Tully.
In the original scene there are more characters saying googbye, but I've only put Hosters Children Ser Edmure and Lady Catelyn and his brother Ser Bryndon into it, because they are the main characters of the scene and because the Moc isn't that big:-)

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The Hanging Coffins of the Bo

The creation is based on customs of real-life group of people living in ancient and medieval China. The coffins are attached to high rocks - what you can see here is an unusual funeral.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

The Hill of Slaughter

Submitted by: josdu

Wisdom and Guidance: CCCXIII

Daiymo Hayato prays to a deceased monk for guidance.

Submitted by: Josiah N

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