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Entries for Haunted Inn

''Oh look, over there's a ladder''

4th entry into CCCXIII. category: ''Haunted Inn''

Submitted by: marcu44

CCC XIII- Clairvoyant

An entry in the Haunted Inn Category of the Classic Castle Contest.
Approximately a month of building time and several different versions (I scrapped an entire landscape).
C&C appreciated!


Submitted by: Adair

Deserted Inn

Travelers looking for a place to stay find only a deserted inn with a possible sinister inhabitant.

Submitted by: Regenerate

Gargoyle Inn

Evil forces have taken over the old Gargoyle Inn. A group of local militia and heroes are trying to fight the evil wizards ghost and his undead minions.

Submitted by: dzidek1983

Ghost Stag Lodge

The "Great Stag Lodge" was originally known for having the largest set of antlers around.  However, it soon became famous for another reason...the original owner of the prized antlers didn't exactly leave and still can be seen around the lodge in the early dusk hours.  While the ghostly apparition is mostly harmless, the sightings still cause alarm to some who renamed the lodge the "Ghost Stag Lodge"

Submitted by: nanuck95

Ghostly Wind's Inn

No one has ever entered to return, and all avoid it during the night for there have been rumors of a guardian ghost who swirls round it, in and out of the windows!

Submitted by: josdu

Haunted Inn

My entry for the "Haunted Inn" category. Through this MOC I wanted to give an example of a typical Polish architecture of medieval inn, instrad of common in lego castle MOC's Tudor style.
Short story:
Old inn stands alone on the edge of the village. the travellers should be on guard. Older residents say that the inn is haunted by the ghost of the former Jewish owner - the Old Moshe.

Submitted by: sacerdos

Silver Chicken Inn

No better place to stay in all of Avalonia than the Silver Chicken Inn, despite the occasional visits by its previous owner...

Submitted by: Graham Gidman

Strange bedfellows

While asking around town about the group, Ikarus learned that the called themselves the Shogun's. Not directly a terrifying name, but the number of frightened faces after he asked about them was evidence enough that this was his group. He heard about a supposedly haunted tavern where they had made their base. The city folk told him that travelers who went there for a drink to saturate their dry throats were never seen again. It was said that they were chased until they fell through the ground... none of them would even pass the tavern, let alone go in.
The building wasn't hard to find. It was some kind of mansion on the outskirts and if that didn't help the screams of agony and cursing would have led him straight to it. When he peeked inside he saw a group who were fighting amongst themselves and a bartender ready to join in as well.
The sounds of torture and insane laughter coming from upstairs were lost in the ruckus of the fight below.

Submitted by: Schreeuwwitje

The Haunt

Submitted by: KyleKreations

The Pale Lady's Lair

A creepy old inn stands long abandoned by humankind, but is still home to a sad ghost who flies around in hope of visitors to prey upon. Rumour has it that the barrels and goblets are no longer full of ale or wine, but rather the eternal tears of the pale and miserable ghost.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

The Red Dragon Inn

Someone has been messing around at The Red Dragon Inn causing trouble. The owners have had enough and placed pop-up skeletons in the front yard to scare the trouble-makers away.

The skeletons on the two sides of the path pop up with the turn of a knob on either side.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

The Red Feather Inn

The Red Feather Inn is a prominent tavern located just outside of Katoren. Several years ago a room was added on to serve as the store room/kitchen and allow for more space in the dining room. It's rumored to be under the guardianship of a powerful genie, which two thieves are just now finding to be true...

Submitted by: soccerkid6, LittleJohn

The Sapphire Inn

Far, far away in the dark and dangerous deeplands you can find an inn. but please, don't believe it's a safe place in the dangerous lands... The story goes that the Inn is hosted by ghosts, but there's no one ever returned from the Inn to tell if it's the truth or not. But that fact that no one ever returned must already be enough for you to make you take another route through Nocturnus I guess?

Submitted by: jaapxaap

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