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Entries for Medieval Manor

A Knight to Come Home

A knight travels through the night to come back to his manor and to someone waiting for him.

Submitted by: jtooker

Ageven's Manor

Welcome to Ageven's summer residence down in Auner!
Features a fold out interior with several fully furnished rooms!

Submitted by: gid617

Ah! Home!

There's no place like home! Especially when your home is a huge Mitgardian castle!

Submitted by: Garmadon

Avalonian Manor

9th entry to CCCXIII

Submitted by: marcu44

Bleuruef Manor

A one day build.

Submitted by: josdu

Chevalier's Manor

An honourable knight returns home safely from battle - to the delight of his friends, family and servants.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Crusaders on the Coastline

Sitting along the edges of a foreign land lies this fortified manor - built on an old ruin by some industrious settlers. It is used as the residence for their military leader, and also as a meeting point to discuss exploration of the area.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Governor Wynholm's Estate

The Governor of New Lenfald's Impressive and Ingenious manor house.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Home of the Hunter

Dear journal,

Two of my trusted acquaintances are joining me tonight for drinks at my humble home. We are planning to discuss our plans for capturing the rest of the men who are stealing the gems buried beneath the surface of our homes.

I hope we can come to an appropriate conclusion to our thief problem. I wish to get paid quickly, for this will be the final investment I need in buying a private island for my new home.

I will write again soon,

~Gileon the Hunter

Submitted by: Roy of Floremheim


A landowner returns home to his family after a day of settling some business matters.
You may have noticed that there are no standard foliage pieces on the ground. :)

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

Hope's Blossom

A flower grows in the dead of winter, in the shadow of a manor...

Submitted by: Halhi141

It's time to party

Medieval Manor

1520AD 7th June to 24th June, Balinghem (between Ardres in France and Guīnes in the then-English Pale of Calais). King Henry VIII and King Francis I of France host a meeting to increase the bond of friendship between the two kings following the Anglo-French treaty of 1514AD The meeting became known as the Field of the cloth of gold due to the pavilions and tents erected.

One of the more spectacular parts of the meeting was a temporary palace/medieval Manor House made of timber and canvas brought by the English court to go with the pavilions and tents. Outside were fountains of wine.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Merchant's House

After getting Privilege from His Majesty of the King for obedient and honest service, the Merchant has built his own Boarding House. Sorely tired Travellers and Knights came there to rest and spend their precious gold coins for merchandise and well-forged weapons. Of course, from that yield of gold His Majesty withold some tax also.

Submitted by: bigboy99899

Michael's Manor

Submitted by: Medieval Michael

Mitgardian Manor

Mitgardian warriors protect their home from attacking Algus.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Syrtak's Moving Mansion

Syrtak, the Lord of the mountains doesn't live in a 'normal palace/house' He lives in a living mansion! So every night he can choose where he wants to sleep, and he can reign his lands from where he wants!

Submitted by: jaapxaap

The Commander's Manor House

His new position as commander of his lordship's forces offers several perks; one of which being the manor house of the late Sir Dryshire.

Submitted by: durazno33

The duke's residence

A new day begins at the duke's residence. The Duke himself is already drunk in the morning. His son doesn't like it. A man from his black guard delivers a letter. Some wolfpack-guys are practicing for combat. A girl is collecting some of the crystals growing out of the ground. And on the other side of the building there's some serious romance going on.

I hope you like it!

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The Merchants House

The ugly merchant attempts to sell some goods...

Submitted by: Josiah N

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