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Entries for Undead Siege

'Gents, take a walk!'

Inspired by pirates of the Caribbean. The alternate FP shots fit in the size limit too btw.

Submitted by: josdu

Arkbri Fortress Breached

A small castle in the lush Arkbri valley of Kaliphlin is attacked by the Algus, from the cold frozen lands north of any human settlement.

They have easily breached the gates using their formidable ice magic, and even frozen the ground despite the tropical heat of Kaliphlin.

Submitted by: Gideon

Battle at Corvinus gate

Submitted by: Gunnarr Leidolf

Brute Forced

The brazen skeletons of Nocturnus attack a vulnerable Kaliphlin settlement, using their own troops to form a bridge for the more senior warriors. Somehow, they also got ahold of a fire ballista - bad news for anyone with wooden defenses!

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Crown Knight Seige

The Crown Knights continue to advance, taking on a poorly defended Red Lion city.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Helgrim Siege

Seventh gate leading to the Dwarven City of Helgrim is under attack by a malicious Lich lord and his undead minions, while the recently turned peasants distract the guards the undying elite sneak up to the gate, while barred and reinforced it may soon be broken down by one of the Lich lords summoned Bone Golems so the dwarven Copperdrake clan's commander of the guard is speaking some courage into his men.

Submitted by: Isundir

Icy Hands of Death

Undead assault on a fortified town. All structures, including wall height and width, are to scale of a minifigure. Hilights include in-wall arrow loops, machicolations, a moat, a well in the town, and an openable blacksmith shop (hinged). The siege tower features moving wheels and a hinged bridge that deploys for assaults. The undead have filled the moat with ice and the ghost leaves a trail of ice behind him. The defenders use rocks, flaming arrows, and boiling oil to repel the attackers.

Submitted by: Grover

Lion Castle Siege

Full size photos can be found on Flickr-

Submitted by: BrickCurve

Lions at the Door

The valiant Kaliphlin soldiers strike back at a Nocturnian citadel.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Minas Tirith Under Siege

The build is based off of Minas Tirith, a city in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, inspired by both the film version and my own imagination.

Submitted by: ReeseEH

Mummy Mayhem

A desert king force of mummies and mercaneries attack a pass that leads to Katoren. Unfortunately, the mummies' lack of brains causes their attacks to do more damage to themselves than to the defenders.

Submitted by: soccerkid6, LittleJohn

Negotiations Have Failed

"Negotiations have failed. Give the order."
"Release the serpents!"

Next up: the three-day-dead-cow-carcass to spread disease.

The trebuchet has full range of motion and working winch.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

Ninja Necromancer Assault

Ninja Necromancers have raised a legion of dead and are attacking the King's front gate.

Submitted by: Leopold

Retaking the Desecrated Stronghold

Unwilling to lose any more of his own troops to the Goblin clan that had held the Farrion stronghold for weeks now, Lord Caminellie instead chose to enlist the costly services of the renown Wolf Pack. Their price was nearly more than he could afford. Lord Caminellie comforted himself with the knowledge that if they were all to die, there would be no one left to pay. He hoped they would complete the job though. His mounted men were useless against the walls of his own stronghold. Furthermore, there was something malevolent about Tgolx the Blind who led the goblin party. His magic was unfamiliar, yet it smelled of necromancy.

Tgolx the Blind led his Goblin clan to victory in the siege of Farrion Stronghold. There were many who feared him. It was even rumored that he could call the dead into his service.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Siege of Tagashima Castle

The undead are laying siege to Daiymo Hayato's castle.

Submitted by: Josiah N

Teridyan Beacon

Full size photos on Flickr .

Submitted by: BrickCurve

The First Wave

Until now, they had only attacked enough to be archery practice. Why the sudden change?
Includes 4 siege weapons.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

The Great Siege

The elves and their allies begin their assault to take back their beloved city and their homeland. Their first battle would be remembered as the Great Siege.

Submitted by: David FNJ

The Siege That Failed

They may be undead...but they didn't know about the winter.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Thrihinad Gate

There is a place in the eastern darklands where in a dangerous place in the swamplands of Moruth stands a small village Thrihinad. The village is protected by a guard, led by Knight Rakis. One day the village attacked army of dead Morraken and at the gate of Thrihinad battle begins.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

Veni Vidi Vici

Submitted by: KyleKreations

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