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Entries for Miscellaneous - Small Creation

10,000 Strong

"Party of 10,000, right this way. King Theoden awaits your arrival."
A pun from Lord of the Rings. Please enjoy!

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

A Battle Won a Son Lost

Small Category

616AD c River Idle, kingdom of Lindsey. King Rędwald confronts King Ęthelfriths.

During the fighting, Ęthelfrith and Rędwald's son Ręgenhere are killed.

Edwin succeeds Ęthelfrith as the king of Northumbria, and Ęthelfrith's sons are subsequently forced into exile.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

A Fateful Meeting

Qinon and his apprentice Elias meet Sozo the Great to discuss Outlaw politics. It is a fateful meeting.

Submitted by: Mr. Cab

A Sewer Runs Through It

The archbishop in his manor prepares to depart with the captain of his guards, to meet up with the king. The path leading up the hill to his house is guarded by a giant with an axe, while the squire tends to the horses, while an archer dutifully watches from the roof. In the basement, even more nefarious than a giant, is the dark-elf assassin who has a secret alliance with the bishop, unbeknownst to the community; she keeps an eye out on the sewer system to ensure that nobody sneaks underneath the catacombs, to steal the treasure, or, the delicious leftovers that the gourmand prepares to feed the watchdog.

Submitted by: Zurem

Avalonian Tower

Graham visits one of the many towers along Reyelan's borders.

Submitted by: Graham Gidman

Barqa Merchants Hall

The Barqa merchants hall is a hub for the rich (and not particularly famous) merchants and traders of Kaliphlin, who still remain prosperous after the disastrous civil war.

Full size photos on Flickr .

Submitted by: BrickCurve

CCCXIII: Dangerous Ground

One of the Algus has wandered slightly too far from his homeland...

Submitted by: Jakorin of Anvilon

Changing the guard

On a cold winter night the castle knight is pleased to come into the warmth for a glass of ale.

Submitted by: Mike&Libby

Conversion Time

616AD c River Idle, kingdom of Lindsey. King Rędwald confronts King Ęthelfriths.

During the fighting, Ęthelfrith and Rędwald's son Ręgenhere are killed.

Edwin succeeds Ęthelfrith as the king of Northumbria, and Ęthelfrith's sons aresubsequently forced into exile.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Coronation of a King: CCC XIII

A king is being crowned in the cathedral...

Submitted by: Josiah N

Cyclops camp

Submitted by: Medieval Michael

Daydelon Warehouse

The city of Daydelon has many warehouses, most are equipped with a crane, and large doors on the second floor for easy unloading of cargo. In the summer, boats are harbored at the dock, but the winters of Mitgardia are so cold, that carts and wagons can be driven on top of the ice.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Delinquent Incantations

Willow the witch borrows her mothers wand, to practice some levitation.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

Desert Duel

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Ghostly Hideout Redux

A remake of 1596, to keep in in theme with the haunted stuff going on this year at CCC.

Submitted by: vitreolum

Hickory Outpost

Perched in the depths of the greenwood is one of the many outposts of the fearsome foresters. Always in need of a safe place to stash their bountiful loot, the belly of the great hickory on which their domicle rests is the ideal location for a great cache of gold.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Hilltop Defense

A scene from the Lord of the Rings where the Fellowship of the Ring is attacked by wolves on a hilltop.

Submitted by: kingdomviewbricks

Japanese stone garden

10th entry to CCCXIII

Submitted by: marcu44

Lonely Lighthouse

Submitted by: adamsonofwilliam

Mountain Monastery CCC XIII

Daiymo Hayato visits an old friend at the mountain monastery...

Submitted by: Josiah N

Perils on the Road

An injured Sir Jonathan and his squire brave the long forest road from Rogath to Meids facing many perils along the way.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

Quickly Hobbits

Frodo and Sam make the perilous climb with their trusted leader, Golum.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam


A colony of dwarves has set up an outpost and are mining out materials, in preparation for an attack on a neighboring city.

Submitted by: ReeseEH

Ruined Fortress

A ruined fortification, somewhere in the Badlands, home to the Wyrmstooth mercenaries.

Submitted by: Isundir

Su Song's Astronomical Clock

In 1092 AD, Chinese engineer Su Song and his crew completed construction of a magnificent astronomical clock- an impressive timekeeping device as ordered by the emperor himself.

The clock was powered by water, which fed from a trough that was kept at a constant height to ensure constant pressure and therefore consistent timekeeping. The water dripped into the scoops of a large water wheel, which consequently lurched forward every quarter of an hour. The motion of this wheel caused a multi-story tower in the front of the clock to turn, creating a loud sound and displaying certain small statues to indicate the hour. Additionally, the water wheel powered a rotating celestial globe on the interior of the clock, which was synchronized with the huge armillary sphere atop the clock tower.

In addition to its inherently impressive nature, Su Song's clock also featured the world's first documented endless power-transmitting chain drive, which connected the axle of the waterwheel to the mechanical device that powered the armillary sphere.

Su Song's machinery has been dutifully recreated (though somewhat simplified due to space and parts constraints) in this model. When the small handle on the rear of the model is turned, the waterwheel rotates, turning a series of gears that causes the front tower to rotate. Additionally, a vertical axle and gear system rotates the celestial globe inside the tower. The endless power-transmitting chain drive has been faithfully included, transferring energy from the axle of the waterwheel up to the rotational mechanism of the armillary sphere.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Super Power Beat Down Episode 2: Darth Vader VS Gandalf

When a Dark Lord of the Sith decides he wants the One Ring, will the Grey Wizard be able to protect the Ring-bearer?

Submitted by: Azaghal

The Bowels of the Ship

In the bowels of an Enalican warship, a wounded solider lies while his comrade looks on.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

The falconer

5th entry to CCCXIII. category: small Misc.

Submitted by: marcu44

The Gardens of Life

The Elves agree to help Ser Melvin of Cornwood and his Lion Knights in their fight against the Undead Intruders.

The Herbs of the Gardens of Life are the key to victory. With the allowance of the Elf queen and her son, the Lions start filling their bags with the precious plants.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The gate of darkness

The brave knight of Classic Lands comes to the Prince of Darkness.

Size 20s x 32s. Height ~55bricks

Submitted by: FanLego

The Goblet of Fire

My rendition of the Goblet of Fire from the 4th Harry Potter book. The tradition of the Goblet of fire was an old one that had been ended due to ... fatalities.

"The fire in the goblet had just turned red again. Sparks were flying out of it. A long flame shot suddenly into the air, and borne upon it was another piece of parchment... And then Dumbledore cleared his throat and read out - Harry Potter."

Submitted by: durazno33

The Underground Blacksmith

This unobtrusive building is really the lair of a black market weapons and armor dealer.

Submitted by: Noel Peterson ~

The Wall of the City Falmor

The city wall is repaired in preparation for an attack

Submitted by: Noel Peterson ~

Traveling Down the Mountain

Graham received orders to take his men and travel down the mountain to fight off Algus's advances in the lower areas of Reyelan...

Submitted by: Graham Gidman

Travels in Mitgardia

Submitted by: BrickCurve

Trial by Steel

A master tests his warriors to see if they can continue to prove themselves worthy. Will the students become the masters?

Submitted by: Roy of Floremheim


Submitted by: steentje


Submitted by: Gunnar Leidolf

Wild Hunt

"The Wild Hunt is a European folk myth involving a ghostly or supernatural group of huntsmen passing in wild pursuit.
Seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to presage some catastrophe such as war or plague, or at best the death of the one who witnessed it."

Submitted by: crises

Wizard Tower

Submitted by: Takkata

Worlds End...

Submitted by: josdu

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