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Entries for Miscellaneous - Large Creation

Arrival of King at Bodiam

Bodiam Castle has just gone under completion, the King is coming for the very first time welcomed by his armies and dignitaries.

Submitted by: K3G

At the Mountain Lodge

Atop the mountain sat an old house, surrounded by forests, streams, and a waterfall. A knight tired from traveling has come upon this house.

Submitted by: Dunedain98

Attack Of The Undead

The Undead attack at Cheesecake Bay! They come right out of the sea, bringing monsters with them. Can the united forces of Falcons and Lions defend the kingdom?

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Auner Chapel

Includes a fully functional interior!

Submitted by: gid617

Black Falcon Magic

The realm of the Black Falcons is governed by the strange ways of the Council of the Mythics. Much like high mages or wizards, the Mythics guide their people with strange magic and ancient wisdom. Occasionally, when their prophesies stand true, an oracle will come to lead the Council of the Mythics. They will submit themselves fully to her judgement as she is born with far greater magic than any other known. Some Mythics even believe that the Oracle is a god in mortal form. The Oracle will often appear in times of great trials and volatility. She will often lead her people to sacred places strong with magic and reveal to them signs and revelations that only she can unravel. Many in the realm believe Reisae Sokall to be the most powerful oracle in generations. She now leads a pair of Mythics and their escort to a sacred tree in the lower dells and reveals to them a sign of wonder.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Bodiam Castle

Based off of the real Bodiam castle in England, the portcullis and main doors are functional.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Colossal Heroica

Build the ultimate castle adventure with the Colossal Heroica building set! Raise the drawbridge to keep the heroes at bay. Or, if you choose to play as one of the 4 heroes; defeat enemies, find keys, climb towers, send the rock pillar crashing down, extinguish fires in your path, and gain treasure and special abilities along the way. Will you be brave enough to fight the dragon and giant troll to save the kingdom? Choose your hero wisely as you play as the druid, the wizard, the ranger, or the barbarian. For 2 to 4 players.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

Durin's Bane

Submitted by: KyleKreations

Hailstone Point

In the northern mountains, a knight and his band decide to construct their new lookout tower out of ice from the nearby lake.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Linvale Falls

A truly breathtaking natural feature, Linvale Falls empties into the massive Everlyn's Tears Lake.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Magic Shop

A small magic shop by a stream

Submitted by: jtooker

Making preparations

CCC XIII - Miscellaneous - Large Creation

615AD (c), River Deben, Kingdom of East Anglia (near modern day Woodbridge, Suffolk, England). King Rædwald and his eldest son Rægenhere carry out an inspection of the repairs of their fleet.

Each winter the Angles hauled there longboats out of the sea to carry out repairs and maintenance. During the winter Edwin of Northumbria stays with King Rædwald in exile. At some point Rædwald agrees to hand Edwin over to Æthelfrith, King of Bernica and Edwin's brother. However after Rædwald is berated by his wife he plans to assist Edwin and prepares to do battle with Æthelfrith.

Right, the above story is a mixture of made up history by me, history as told by Bede in <a href="">'The Ecclesiastical History of the English People'</a> and an idea by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Carla Nayland.</a> The idea of the boat being hauled out of the water was inspired by Bernard Cornwalls book, 'The Last Kingdom', which has been made into a TV drama and is currently being aired on BBC, Thursday nights, 9pm.

The ship is based on the Nydam Ship, which was found in Nydam Mose, at Øster Sottrup, a town located in Sundeved, eight kilometres from Sønderborg, Denmark and the ship in burial mound 1, Sutton Hoo, England. The ship in Sutton Hoo is thought to have been in poor condition, hence the repairs in this build

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Medieval Farm

Submitted by: kingdomviewbricks

Nordheim Keep

The citizens of Nordheim are quite proud of their large keep, and can often be found feasting inside it's protective walls on cold wintry days.

Submitted by: soccerkid6


Based on the scene from The Hobbit- The Battle of the Five Armies, where Legolas runs up the falling rocks to continue fighting.
It is entirely self-supporting and I included a view of the inner workings to prove it. ;)

Please enjoy!

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam


Inspirated on Aleksander Gierymski painting: Am Plonlein in Rothenburg

Submitted by: liwnik

Shoretower Castle

Epic stone fortress ruled by Lord Thomas and situated by the sea.

Submitted by: legobeethoven

Skull Cave Island

Submitted by: josdu

Teridyan Beacon

Full size images in the Flickr album- .

Submitted by: BrickCurve

The Death of You and Me

My entry to the CCC XIII.

Submitted by: Mengish

The Frozen Pass

Javed’s body shook violently with the cold. He needed to find shelter soon. The swirling blizzard threatened to knock him over the edge. The storm had arisen so suddenly. The snow had begun to fall so heavily that he had scarcely had time to wrap himself in his cloak before it overtook him. Javed could see how one could easily lose their life in these unforgiving mountains. He pondered whether anyone before him had found their final resting place here among these crags. A sudden gust of wind caused a violent convulsion to overtake his body, jarring him from his thoughts.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

The Keep of Sir Dryshire

Sir Dryshire has suddenly been called by his liege to defend the country from roaming bandits. Though the bandits had occasionally been bold in the past, recent events had driven them to risk greater atrocities. For after a series of unlucky out-maneuverings in court, another knight claimed the Lord's favor, and Sir Dryshire was replaced as commander of the Lord’s militia.

Sensing a time of weakness, the bandits began pillaging farms on the outreaches of the Lord’s domain and even assaulted a guarded storehouse of the Lord’s goods. Now, Sir Dryshire must fight alongside his replacement to settle the score with the bandits yet deliver the glory to his rival.

Fearful that this new rival might seek to abandon his late competition in battle, the faithful Lady Syrene diligently scours the horizon for his return.

Submitted by: durazno33

The King's Mis-timed Visit

The Red King , on his trip throughout the lands, decides to pass by one of his river fortresses to stay for the night and rest up. He is dismayed to find that his soldiers are spending their military budget on drinking and feasting - without a care in the world! They even used the patrol boat as a buffet dish, and filled up the escape tunnels with empty beer barrels.

Features a fold out interior.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

The Western Gate

Mark of Falworth and his loyal companions arrive at the massive gate of the capital of Loreos.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Treaty Signing Celebration

Four nations celebrate the signing by their Kings of the Great Treaty to bring peace and stability to their tumultuous lands.

Submitted by: durazno33

Troll Bridge

travelling along the badlands can be a problem. Even for a senior barbarian. trolls guard every bridge, small and great.

Submitted by: 163

Winter's Siege Castle

So called because of the perpetual snows which reign around it.

Submitted by: Garmadon

Yusnaan Harbor

Submitted by: Faronmoc

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