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Entries for Medieval Ships

Building a Fishing Boat

"Lord Caeon is a minor ruler in the wide Majira Island, southeast of Argos mass of Lands. After a stormy winter, crops were devastated and thus Caeon demanded the construction of a small fleet of fishing ships in order to compensate the famine. Ship builders from the best Dockyards of Lazarus King came in rescue. Lord Caeon, guarded by his loyal nephew an Chief of Guard, Avarsa of Teryon, is inspecting the current state of building."

Submitted by: fpavelar

English Trading Cog

The workhorse ship of the Middle Ages, the cog was a robust, clinker-built vessel used for both cargo transportation and naval warfare. This particular model is built after the English style with a low forecastle for ease of navigation. The lack of defensive positions marks this ship as a local trading vessel.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

HMS Wolfgang

Technical data for all the fellow engineers:

Classic sternwheeler construction including a werewolf based engine that rotates the paddle wheel to produce thrust.

Engine power output: 1 WP (Werewolfpower) or if you use the roawian SI then it is 1 W (W for Werewolf)

The engine is running on the promise of pig.

It is recommended to keep a spare pig. I know, this is the most useless advice ever, because keeping a spare pig is a generally good idea.

Safety instruction: wearing capes near the wheel is not advised.

The helmsman controls the speed of the vessel by instructing the pig handler, which is a challenging task because he needs to consider many factors:

- Speed can be increased by moving the pig away from the werewolf making him think that the pig is getting away, hence his efforts are doubled.

- Speed can be lowered by moving the pig near to the werewolf. However, depending on the hunger of the werewolf this could also increase the speed. As I said, speed control is more like an art. This might have been the main cause why werewolf propelled ships did not become widespread.

- ATTENTION! The pig must always remain in the sight of the werewolf. The sudden disappearance of the pig (often happens on long trips if the pig handler faints and drops the pig) can have catastrophical results. If the werewolf gets confused, he could either go berserk and the vessel could reach a ludicrous speed it was not designed for OR he could lose sync and trip.

Submitted by: rifirofi

Imperial Chinese ship.

An imperial Chinese ship.

Submitted by: Rob N. Hood

Mythronian Ship & Sea Monster

As a small Mythronian ship makes it's way across the Commerciantes sea, it is attacked by a monster from the deep!

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

New chances

This tale of perseverance, bravery and great tragedy starts with sunlight breaking on the waves. Although mildly swaying due to wind, young Ikarus stood steadfast as his boat reached the pier. He wasn't planning on using it again, so he did not care how it arrived, as long as he didn't get wet.
Ikarus was a young vital man looking to get himself hired as a mercenary. He was traveling for weeks to different regiments, but they all thought he was too young or did not have the experience to join them.
As he was denied at all the mayor legions he was now looking for one with a not so bright reputation. The men he was looking for were die-hard fighters, dedicated to their cause but also very very dangerous. Ikarus didn't care, he needed to fight.. all he had to do was to find them and convince them of his skill...

Submitted by: Schreeuwwitje

Rainosian Dragon Cog

A Rainosian Cog prowls the Commerciantes sea, looking for a fight with any Enalican or Mythronian vessel unfortunate enough to come across it.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

Red-Seal Ship

3rd entry into CCCXIII. category: Medieval Ships

Submitted by: marcu44

The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon, One of the battleships of the Kyrrath army. Made to keep Kyrrath safe from dangers from the swamp...

Submitted by: jaapxaap

The Crossing

Used for many years, the ferry at Dunsmore had been a contested route. In these times of peace, travelers are free to come and go but, they always remember the lives lost to keep it.

Submitted by: adamsonofwilliam

The Ferry is always on time

You can always rely on the ferryman. No matter what, he'll always be on time and get you out of any trouble.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The Journey Home

Part 2
<a href="" rel="nofollow">CCC</a> XIII - Medieval Ships

616AD (c), The Wash, England. King Rædwald journeys back to his home in East Anglia on his Saxon ship. On board is his son Rægenhere, recently killed in The Battle of the River Idle. This story is based on an idea by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Carla Nayland</a>

The ship is based on the Nydam Ship, which was found in Nydam Mose, at Øster Sottrup, a town located in Sundeved, eight kilometres from Sønderborg, Denmark and the ship in burial mound 1, Sutton Hoo, England.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

The Nautical Armoury

A sturdy cog ship used by the Red King to transport weaponry, and manned by a rag-tag group of military dropouts. Susceptible to bandit raids and starfish infestations.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

The Shipwreck!

Submitted by: josdu

The Swamp Swimmer

A wily crew of orcs use this boat to navigate the acidic rivers of their homeland.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim


I dare say you'll think it too non-castle, but Bruce said it could be a spaceship, so I hope it's OK :P !

Submitted by: josdu

Viking Karve

Submitted by: KyleKreations

Vikings exploring new ice seas

Submitted by: JimmySteele27

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