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Entries submitted by Disco86

CCCXII - Bushido - Way of the Warrior

Bushido is a Japanese word for the way of the samurai life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry.

Samurais have been trained in outlying academies to learn this way of life and of course fihgting with the sword.

Submitted by: Disco86

Drink Airag Responsibly

Airag is the mongolian national drink. It is a fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare's milk. Even if it only has a low percentage of alcohol, some people still can't control their consumption... and loose their balance.

Submitted by: Disco86

Drow Diplomacy

The Elves are visting the High King of the Drow in his throne room, to find a solution for their endless hatred.

Submitted by: Disco86

Elven Vineyard

The Eleves are producing their own wine in the hills of Valinor. After squeezing out the grapes, the wine is stored directly within the hill.

Submitted by: Disco86

Fall of Constantinople

In the year 1453 the city of Constantinople was attacked by Ottoman forces. They used huge cannons, constructed by their engineer Urban. The byzantinian defenders had no chance against the overwhelming army and the blackpowder weapons.

Submitted by: Disco86

Honshu Rice Terrace

The Japanese have been cultivating rice since thousands of years. In the medieval age they began to build terraces at the northern mountains of Honshu, to take advantage of the regions agricultural potential.

Submitted by: Disco86

Ozaka Traffic Accident

The japanese traffic jam is well known nowadays, but the streets were also very crowded in the medieval times. The cities were growing in the era of Kamakura, and the streets were full of carts and rikshaws, accidents were foreseeable.

Submitted by: Disco86

Siege of Minas Tirith

This is a scene from the Lord of the Rings. The armies of Mordor are attacking the city of Minas Tirith. They are using the battering ram named Grond to break through the main gate. It is shaped like a wolf's head and enchanted with black magic.

Submitted by: Disco86

Tatar Accident

A Tatar in the wide plains of north-west asia has some problems with a tent, caused by speeding on horse.

Submitted by: Disco86

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