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Entries submitted by durazno33

Archery Tournament then Joust

In honor of the high king, the most honored teams of squires and knights must prove their skill before their king at the yearly archery and joust tournament. The targets were just put away to make way for the knights to begin their sport when up rides last year's seasoned champion, Sir Yorkfield.

Submitted by: durazno33

Flower or Flour

The prince planned to please his princess with a handful of beautiful wild flowers.

Submitted by: durazno33

Genie Retriement Castle Advertisement

The genie retirement castle is the perfect abode for the wish weary genie seeking to retire after thousands of years of faithful service. Complete with his and her lamp stands, the genie castle meets all of your genie needs to help you rest from all that wish granting extravaganzas you've had to put up with for thousands of years. Call now to obtain a free retirement brochure and learn how YOU TOO can one day be free from the struggles of the daily wish granting grind. But that's not all, call now and receive two fresh pineapples and your choice of beverage for FREE with your retirement brochure!*

*Offer only valid to genies 10,000 years old or greater, subject to change without notice. Application is not assurance of freedom. Offer valid from participating masters only. Restrictions may apply. See master for details.

Submitted by: durazno33

New Castle Keep

The original inspiration for this creation was my castle keep submission to the Lego Ideas website. Most of Lego's official castles do not include an actual castle keep which I sought to remedy with my creation. While searching the internet for a medieval castle keep to use as an example, I found pictures of the New Castle Keep in the United Kingdom and decided to try my hand at a larger creation. Although definitely far from a full reproduction, I was able to experiment with the half-step inset brick per floor from the original keep (accented with white bricks in my creation). Although, a more difficult construction that I had originally expected, I was able to simulate the effect to my satisfaction.

Submitted by: durazno33

Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many micro-figs, she didn't know what to do. So she built them some MOC's and placed them with care, and finally got them all out of her hair.

Submitted by: durazno33

The huntsman of the woods

Before joining the band of Robin Hood, Sir Percy enjoyed stalking small game in the king's forest to try his skill with the arrow.

Submitted by: durazno33

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