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Entries submitted by Cesbrick

Barrenroot Tree

Deep in the forest, Vyell Henion stumbles across a very strange house. A house built in a very big and ancient tree… She heard about this ancient tree and the old lady that leaves there many times... The urge to knock is big…

So guys, this is my 5th entry to the CCC,to the small miscellaneous category. It didn’t turned out quite well as I wanted but this was a rush build as I wanted to make one more. I love this concept and I will build more like this for sure when I have more time.


Submitted by: Cesbrick

Black Hollow

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Etheldreed Windmill

This is the “Etheldreed Windmill” my 3rd entry for the CCC, Medieval Husbandry category and also to GoH.

The mighty lands of Avalonia are home to many water and windmills, and perhaps the most known is the “Etheldreed Windmill”, where all kinds of cereals are milled to feed the nearby small villages. Being away from the forests, so it can catch strong winds, this watermill is an iconic landmark of Vanhorn Region.

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Far away and far above - Rapunzel´s Tower

It’s Rapunzel’s Tower. According to the original story written by the Brother’s Grimm, Rapunzel was a beautiful girl, locked up by an evil witch on a tower with no doors or stairs located deep in the forest.

After a year or two, it came to pass that the Prince rode through the forest and went by the tower. He heard a song which was so lovely that he stood still and listened. This was Rapunzel who in her loneliness passed her time singing. The Prince wanted to climb up to her, and looked for the door of the tower, but none was to be found… The rest, you all know… :p

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Maester Finley Healer's House

Wizard’s potion, I enchant thee
By intent and thrice told verse
Be a tool of magick for me
Work thy spell to heal and nurse
Wizard’s potion, be now blessed
By the pow
er of the universe
In the cauldron effervesce
Maladies and pain disperse
Harming none I now decree
This charm is done, so mote it be

Maester Finley is the most powerful healer, wizard and alchemist of the Kingdom. He was recruited by the king himself when he was of very young age. Some say he has magic powers, some say he uses dark and obscure powers and some say he is the secret behind the King’s greatest achievements…

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Malcumus Erlond Cottage

Not much is known about Malcumus Erlond. People know he is a druid and a mysterious man, that lives in the old cottage on Death Cliff Island. People often say too, that is has a magic potion that turns anyone into a very smart person!
Marcus and Gairbert are not smart… At all… And they decided to try and reach the cottage on top of the cliff and steal the potion from Malcumus and become the 2 smartest persons of the country… Would they be successful? :b

Submitted by: Cesbrick

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