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Entries submitted by Aardwolf

Beast's Castle

What says forbidden more than Beast's castle? Perched high upon a rocky plateau, this majestic fortress is feared and shrouded in dark legend. It is said that a cursed beast haunts its halls, and none who dare approach ever return. Inside, it is well-kept but gloomy. Its chandelier has not been lit in many years and its ballroom has lain dormant, free of music and dancing.

This castle features a full interior that includes the grand entrance hall, ballroom, gallery, spiral staircase, master suite, kitchen, hall, gatehouse, library, roof access, overlook deck, and high tower containing the magic rose.

Five different types of brick-built windows, a brick-built spiral staircase, two brick-built, load-bearing statue pillars, a chandelier, furniture, and more were implemented.

The castle doors open, the two rear round towers hinge open to access the interior more easily, the oven door opens, and the globe spins.

The castle even features a fully functional dumbwaiter system, which can be operated from both the first and second floors of the castle.

Minifigures include Beast in his finery, Lumière, and Cogsworth.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

English Trading Cog

The workhorse ship of the Middle Ages, the cog was a robust, clinker-built vessel used for both cargo transportation and naval warfare. This particular model is built after the English style with a low forecastle for ease of navigation. The lack of defensive positions marks this ship as a local trading vessel.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Governor Wynholm's Estate

The Governor of New Lenfald's Impressive and Ingenious manor house.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Knight of Lenfald

This figure features custom stickers for the front and back of his torso and for both the triangular and kite shields. The banners on the lance are cut and filed official LEGO flags.

I am most proud of the horse's chainmail barding. It is legitimate chainmail made of stripped copper wire following a "fiver" pattern (standard mail) and fits perfectly on any LEGO horse.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Linvale Falls

A truly breathtaking natural feature, Linvale Falls empties into the massive Everlyn's Tears Lake.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

Su Song's Astronomical Clock

In 1092 AD, Chinese engineer Su Song and his crew completed construction of a magnificent astronomical clock- an impressive timekeeping device as ordered by the emperor himself.

The clock was powered by water, which fed from a trough that was kept at a constant height to ensure constant pressure and therefore consistent timekeeping. The water dripped into the scoops of a large water wheel, which consequently lurched forward every quarter of an hour. The motion of this wheel caused a multi-story tower in the front of the clock to turn, creating a loud sound and displaying certain small statues to indicate the hour. Additionally, the water wheel powered a rotating celestial globe on the interior of the clock, which was synchronized with the huge armillary sphere atop the clock tower.

In addition to its inherently impressive nature, Su Song's clock also featured the world's first documented endless power-transmitting chain drive, which connected the axle of the waterwheel to the mechanical device that powered the armillary sphere.

Su Song's machinery has been dutifully recreated (though somewhat simplified due to space and parts constraints) in this model. When the small handle on the rear of the model is turned, the waterwheel rotates, turning a series of gears that causes the front tower to rotate. Additionally, a vertical axle and gear system rotates the celestial globe inside the tower. The endless power-transmitting chain drive has been faithfully included, transferring energy from the axle of the waterwheel up to the rotational mechanism of the armillary sphere.

Submitted by: Aardwolf

The Chamber of Unspeakable Horrors

The fabled and feared Chamber is a place of eternal suffering. From the Forbidden Feast to the Trial of Terrible Taunts, the Tortugan Tickle Torture to the Abominable Accordion, its tortures inhabit the dark corners where even nightmares fear to tread. Even some of the guards are said to lose their sanity from staying in the caverns too long...

Submitted by: Aardwolf

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