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Entries submitted by jonnylegoboy911

Mythronian Ship & Sea Monster

As a small Mythronian ship makes it's way across the Commerciantes sea, it is attacked by a monster from the deep!

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

Perils on the Road

An injured Sir Jonathan and his squire brave the long forest road from Rogath to Meids facing many perils along the way.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

Rainosian Dragon Cog

A Rainosian Cog prowls the Commerciantes sea, looking for a fight with any Enalican or Mythronian vessel unfortunate enough to come across it.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

The Bowels of the Ship

In the bowels of an Enalican warship, a wounded solider lies while his comrade looks on.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

The Butcher of Rainos

He's big, he's bad and he has a strong hatred of all things Mythronian. He is the butcher of Rainos and where he goes, death is sure to follow.

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

The Golden Knight

He's a knight who wears shiny chrome gold armour. Need I say more?

Submitted by: jonnylegoboy911

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