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Caption Results:

NewGray: "This new terrain is so...different"
Falcon:"I know what you mean.....standing without a big peg sticking into your foot gives you a strange sense of freedom.."


Forestman: Harry potter -- check. Star Wars -- check. Okay, who's next?
King: Well, I've got my eye on some headrags and torsos from the Pirate guys.
Wolfpack dude: Ooh, good call. After that we have to hit those Adventurers, too.

           --Bruce N H

Four-way tie:
General Yellowfeather, the conniving leader of the Forestmen thieves was well-known as the shortest thief in Christendom. He had absolute loyalty among his laundry-filching men.
"You're sure these reattach, right?"
           --Dragonlord Esq.
Aw, keep yer pants on, we'll be done robbing you in a second.
           --Bruce N H
Forestman (holding legs) to his buddy with black hood: "Make a wish."

           --The Brick Rat

It was an awkward moment for Jeeves. Having persuaded the latest guest to check in his accessories, how was he going to explain the requirement for a jacket and tie?

Facing seven shadow knights, with only a six-shooter at his side, Johnnie Thunder pondered the age-old question: What Would Indy Do?

Looking to contribute? Think you have a picture worth captioning? Maybe you have an idea you want to take a picture of and send it in? Send me your picture! Please send your JPEG or GIF format only, less than 640x480 picture to ME!. Remember to remove NOSPAM when emailing, and to include your Name and attached Picture.

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