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Welcome to the Picture Captioning Page!
The CC Team 5 II 04

Welcome to the Picture Captioning Page. What is picture captioning? Simple! Picture Captioning is when you supply a description, account or dialogue to what is happening in the picture. Every so often the CC team or the Castle Community at large will supply a picture for the Picture Captioning. Then the community will be able to write what they think is happening or being said in the picture/scene.

Current captioning:
Captioning was restarted in 2009. This is a bit different from the previous captioning. There is no voting and no designation of the favorite caption. This is purely for fun.
Caption #1 Yellow?!?!
Caption #2 Take that, cheese-puff!
Caption #3 The club scene

Original captioning:
Picture captioning was originally run from 2004-2006. A photo was presented and people suggested captions. We then voted on a favorite.
Caption #1 Harry Parter
Caption #2 William Timmy
Caption #3 Red Hot Poker
Caption #4 New Grey Go Away
Caption #5 Ta Da!
Caption #6 Brave Sir Lenny
Caption #7 Balronicle
Caption #8 Medieval Highway Patrol
Caption #9 Sir Gulliver
Caption #10 Timmy the Terror
Caption #11 Ooh... Studless
Caption #12 Star Parts
Caption #13 Highway Robbery
Caption #14 A Viking and his axe...
Caption #15 G'day, mates
Caption #16 Interesting plumage
Caption #17 Nate meets Kjeld
Caption #18 New hairdo
Caption #19 Cool new armor
Caption #20 Dangerous weapons
Caption #21 Dark Knight

Looking to contribute? Think you have a picture worth captioning? Maybe you have an idea you want to take a picture of and send it in? Send a PM to any of the admins. We'd love to have your input.

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