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Entries for Custom Faction

Anuran Protection Squad

The kingdom of Anura worships the noble frog, and their entourage takes them from their god-ponds to go on walks through the capitol city each day.

Submitted by: cmaddison

CCCXI - Northern Minotaurs

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI Custom Faction-Roaring Lions

Submitted by: royalbrickcustoms

Crow's Nest

As Derlin approached Crows Nest the smell of rotting bones left over from the last hangings entered his nostrils and warmed him. not difficult, when one considers the blistering temperature found in the midgardian peaks. How they survive up here is a mystery, and how they're going to cope with the warm humid atmosphere of the swamps is equally so...
The knights of the crow are were banished from Mitgardia some one or two decades ago, however simply relocated to one of the uninhabited hills. Brutal as they are anyone who got on their nerves was killed, the stench that warmed the deranged druid Derlin attracted crows, feasting on the carcasses left by the blood-thirsty warriors. A small village has been brought up on the hill, and the nest, as they call it lies dead centre. it is the abode of Grauf, The current chief. Derlin was greeted to the hill with his wolf being slaughtered by hunters, but he hadn't the time to kill them, he was here on business, recruiting for the black spire...

Submitted by: Legonardo

Defending the wall

Two brave soldiers fight against enemies, who tries to destroy their wall.

Submitted by: Jakob knight

Dread knights

deadly and ruthless warriors.

Submitted by: Peter the great

Elvnoi Dozor - Guards of the Inner Sanctum

Alarmed by the recent events, the Elven Guards of the Inner Sanctum gather to march against an unknown enemy. Dark times, after all, call for dark elves.

Submitted by: MWardancer

Hobbit army

As a newly formed army the hobbits elected them self a king and started out to see if the Dragon knights wanted to join forces. They got there answer.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Mean Greenies

The Mean Greenies are the direct descendants of the Forest Men. After the Forest Men were unfairly labeled outlaws and terrorists, simply for having the coolest sets and nicest looking shields, they were forced ever deeper back into the woods from which they derived their name. Over the years of hardship and living in trees that folded open, they eventually lost their characteristic smiling yellow faces and became as green as their surroundings. Now known as the Mean Greenies (there is no evidence to support they are intact mean, they were labeled as such due to the lack of smiles…or any facial features now that I think about it), they are once again ready to struck out into lands less wooded.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

One-Eyed Trolls

Deep in the swamps of outlaw territory, a band of one-eyed trolls have set up an outpost from which to guard their treasure. Their leader, Grogg has just returned with two guards from a scouting expedition, and is being welcomed home by his wife, Feygogg and son, Groggle.
As seen here, male one-eyed trolls are much more muscular than their female counterparts, and in adulthood they develop enlarged heads and their signature horn, which can be used in close-quarters combat as a formidable weapon.
Troll sentries man the walls, and can be seen armed with crossbows, which are favored over longbows due to their ease of aiming, which helps to make up for the poor depth perception that comes along with only having one eye.

Submitted by: AK_Brickster

Roving Dwarves

A group of Dwarven adventurers who make their living wandering the mountains, slaying trolls and the like.

Submitted by: Armored Archer

The New Black Falcons

A fresh update to everyone's favorite classic faction.

Submitted by: AK_Brickster

The Sun Knights

A small yet noble and proud faction.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf


Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. This is showing a scene when William is going to revenge his wife, killed by English soldiers.

Submitted by: LL

Warriors of Finland

These emblems are all inspired from Finnish heraldry.

The gold details at the top of the shields represent forests. The cross represents faith and the white spirals represent birch bark trumpets.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

We're on the war path!

Custom Faction

491AD, Sussex, South Saxon Kingdom. Ælle has recently won an important victory at Pevensey and his leading his war band against the Britons.

There are two sources that name Ælle, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People and the Anglo Saxon Chronicles.

The Anglo Saxon warrior was feared for his infamous battle axe, whilst his shield was made from lindum wood and covered in hardened leather.

The Arthur triology by Bernard Cromwell also played a part in inspiring this 'build'.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Welsh Warband

Throughout all of history, there is perhaps no people who have ever put up such a spirited and determined defense of their country as those of Wales. A culture literally pushed to the ends of the earth by waves of hostile invaders, they still strive for their precious freedom.
Lightly armed, armored, and unparalleled in skill with the longbow, they are very dangerous, to say the least, in their mountainous, rugged homeland.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Worshippers of Bacon

My entry to the Custom Faction category.

The Worshippers of Bacon is an ancient cult, founded almost immediately after the evolution of the cult's holy (and most delicious) animal, the PIG (according to available written records).

A special class of members are the Protectors of Bacon (the Bacon Exquisition), who roam the countries with the holy mission of looking for bacon and retrieving it from those who do not deserve it. It is rumoured that the protectors are very subjective and leave no bacon behind.

Join our ranks! You only need to answer one simple question: do you like bacon?

Spread the word! Bacon makes everything better!


Custom elements:
- torso/leg decals (belt made of air dried bacon)
- heraldry on the shields (including pork cuts)
- painting on the wall and its frames (imitating bacon)
- bacon banners next to the painting (do I need to say bacon again?)

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

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