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Entries for Secret Hideout

The Order of the Bull

Submitted by: Justin M

A Problem at Draigblaid Tower

The invasion of Denas Brenhinol had not gone as planned, and the Wolfpack had been scattered like sticks to the wind. A small group of survivors had made their way to one of the oldest and most outdated outposts, Draigblaid Tower, in the tar swamps to the south, far from the mountain lake fortress. They were hoping for shelter, food, and rest. They didn't know that three winters prior, someone else had taken the tower by force...

Submitted by: cmaddison

Abandoned Watchtower

A wandering outlaw uses the ruins of this mountain-side watchtower as a base for his activities.

Submitted by: Armored Archer

Bandits Ruins

Ruins of small castle using by bandits as secret hideout.

Submitted by: Jacob

Cedric's Misfortune

Cedric the Bull returns to his hideout only to find it has been inhabited by some very unpleasant company. . . .

Submitted by: Gom

Duel at Forestmen's Falls

"But how does one find a pack of foresters?" Queried a soldier to Sir Godfrey.
"Well, when I was a lad, I explored these woods as a forester myself, and if I recall correctly, there should be an old encampment up near the falls at Pebble Creek."

A few hours' march took the company to a large treehouse on the edge of a cliff. No sooner had they arrived at the structure when a booming voice hailed them.
"I say, who be down there?!"
"I am Sir Godfrey, and these are my troops!" He waved his hand towards his loyal men.
"What do ye want? Speak now or go away!" the voice in the tree demanded.
"We seek a band of thieves who have been pilfering livestock and other valuables!
A new voice cried out in a cockney accent. "T'wasn't us, Guv'nor!"
Then a new sound rang out from the other side of the tree. "BAaAaAaAaA"

All the men started as they recognized the unmistakable bleat of a goat.

"Was that a GOAT I heard?!" Sir Godfrey bellowed.

"Nuthin' of the kind!"

Yet the sound continued.

"Why would foresters keep goats? Where did you get those animals?"

The voice from the tree called out again, this time even more insolently. "Fine, they be goats, but what'cha gonna do about it, milord?"

"I'm going to give you two options. I will either charge up there with my men and impale you all upon the points of our spears, OR, I will be merciful and let you leave the country, provided that you never return."

A pause. Then a few heads began to pop out from the treetops. One in particular wore a hat with a black feather., "I've got a better idea! How about I challenge thee to a duel?" He sneered. "If I win, we stay, if I lose to thee, we go. Me and my three companions will shake the dust of this ground from our feet."

The sword hissed as Sir Godfrey drew it from his sheath. "Challenge accepted!" Sir Godfrey hollered. The metal glinted in the sunlight.

The ringleader then swung himself over the rail, slid down the trunk and roots, and landed squarely in front of Sir Godfrey.

With one swing of his blade, Sir Godfrey swatted the forester head over heels into the creek beside them. A cheer rang out from the soldiers and a groan from the forester company.

"Now then," Sir Godfrey replaced the sword in his scabbard whilst the forestman came up spluttering and gasping for air. "I suggest ye start packing without further ado. But leave the goats."

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Fenrith Fortress

The Fenrith Fortress lies hidden in the Rakath Mountains of Nocturnus, protected by rivers of lava. Anyone unfortunate enough to stumble across the fortress will quickly be stripped of anything of value, then put into the dungeon until the Wolfpack has learned all they want from them. Currently the Wolfpack focuses their attacks on Black Spire minions, who they as a threat to their 'business' operations.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Forest Hideaway

After a run-in with the Scorpion Guard, the forestmen hurry to their hidden treehouse to get away. The Guard chases after them, but will soon have some getting away of their own to do...

Submitted by: rodiziorobs

Forestmen's Secret Outlook

The Forestmen look to free the captured princess and their fellow warrior from the clutches of the Red Dragons. Stealing the treasure it just a bonus...

Submitted by: Mahds

Go Where No One Else Will Go

Sir Caelan Munro, now a fugitive from the evil Queen Galainir, has followed his captain Tavish to their new secret hideout, well-hidden in a ravine off a fast flowing stream in the mountains. From this hidden base, they will strike out at the queen's army with their own Scout Sniper archers until justice is restored to the land.

Submitted by: Caelan


Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. This is showing a scene when William and his friends are meeting Stephen, Irish mate.

Submitted by: LL


Tree forts! Secret Secret :D

Submitted by: Takkata

Moruth Outpost

a tower in the moruth swamps of nocturnus, accomodating spies of the black spire

Submitted by: Legonardo

Orc Outpost

A small band of orcs stand guard at their secret hideout in the Magic Isles of Roawia.

Submitted by: General JJ

Right under there noses

Vladeks secret hideout is right under Danju's nose.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Shady Business

Submitted by: Sir Erathor


Gavin of Lockwood is spying on the queen's soldiers outside the entrance to his band of Outlaws' secret hideout.

Submitted by: Gavin of Lockwood

Stymied Creek Encampment

A bandit fort, with a name ripped from Skyrim! Yay!

Submitted by: Fireraven

The Forgotten Places

Sir Haymar and his friends have found safety in an abandoned mine, but an unlikely messenger has arrived with news of an approaching threat.

Submitted by: Sir Haymar

The Isle of Ely

Secret Hideout
1071AD, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. William The Conqueror has largely conquered England. However there are rebels resisting his sovereignty.

In East Anglia, Hereward The Wake is joined by a small army led by Morcar, the former Saxon Earl of Northumbria who has been ousted by William. William has subsequently sent an army to deal with the rebels. They are forced to retreat and make a secret hideout on The Isle of Ely. The Isle is marshy and has many secret paths and rivers making it an ideal stronghold.

The Normans at first made a frontal assault along a timber causeway, but This failed. They then tried to intimidate the English with a witch and this was also unsuccessful. In the end one of William's knights bribed the monks of the island to reveal a safe route across the marshes this resulted in the Isle of Ely's capture. Hereward The Wake escaped however Morcar was taken and imprisoned,

Submitted by: peggyjdb

The Outcast Inn

The Outcast Inn is a popular stop along one of the few roads in the dreaded lands of the Outlaws, many an idle thieving bandit can be found loitering about the place. It's an excellent spot to recruit troops, as long as you're not too concerned about their background...

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Rogue's Gathering

The Rogue's Gathering is the base of operations for a secretive band of outlawed and outcast lords and knights known as the Rogue Hunt. Built into a cave in the side of a cliff and heavily camouflaged, it is invisible from the top and difficult to notice from the front, with a bush covering up the doorway and boulders and plant life positioned along the exterior. The inside holds food, weapons, maps, and a table for the discussing of plans.

Submitted by: Brickninja

The ruins at the river

Once ago a mighty stronghold used to guard the old bridge. But a long time ago it was abandoned by the rightful ruler. Its meager remains now serve as a hideout for a band of highwaymen that lay ambushes on those who want to cross the river.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

The Trap

The ruins of the cathedral had been deserted for years. Now however, it has been arranged by a ring of road thieves to be their observation point and secret den. Having dug a tunnel under a nearby road, they are ready to use their cunning trap to assault unwary merchants...

The trap is fully playable and working. Pressing one of the stones, you can see the trap go off and the thieves reveal their secret...

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Tower of High Sorcery-Daltigoth

The lost Tower of High Sorcery in Daltigoth, where the mages flee to and hide from the Kingpriest in the days before the Catacalysm

Submitted by: Kayne_

Volcano Fortress

Submitted by: Jackson Williams

Wolfpack Outpost

Submitted by: Disco86

Yursuffs Hidden Tower

Yursuff has recently purchased a private tower on a private island.
This over used camel dealer has more then one tricks and secrets up his sleeve.

Submitted by: Justin M

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