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Entries for Trial and Error

"Scientific Progress Goes Thud"

It was an amusing sight for the backers of the project, Sir Godfrey and his loyal men, as they beheld the brilliant scientist, Edward the Alchemist, prepare his highly unusual craft. He bustled to and fro, adjusting wings, cords, and bolts.

The king made a grand entrance, fashionably late, and inquired "When is the launch about to start? Oh joy! I can hardly wait!" He was eager to see the fruit of his investments. They had every confidence in Edward, who had made colorful promises and predictions in his appeal four months prior.

Finally, Edward the Alchemist leapt into the cockpit of his fascinating device, and with a wave of his hand he called out "Farewell, my friends! I shall see thee on the other side of the kingdom!"
The eager eyes of the investors watched as the wings on the light craft began to flap like a bird and the whole contraption slid off the ramp into the blue sky...

but to the great dismay and horror of the group of onlookers, the craft clumsily plummeted to the earth below with a bone-jarring "THUD". A local cowherd and his beasts only just got themselves out of the way in time.

The king stared glumly down from the wall as the alchemist scrambled out of what was left of their expensive venture, now a pile of wreckage, and the king was suddenly aware of a void in his coin-purse where once his gold had been.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

A Drastic End to a Horrible Idea

Submitted by: Josdu

A steering wheel would be nice

With the invention of gunpowder, three popular minstrels decided to invent a new type of chariot. When they finished they asked the brave Seigneur du Stigue to test it for them. At the first corner they realised some sort of method of steering would have been nice, not to mention some aid in stopping the contraption other than a wall.

Submitted by: New Danarchy

Accidents Happen

The royal engineer had just acquired plans for the newest style of catapult, and had armory soldiers constructing a prototype. There seemed to be a slight problem in the crossbeam design.

Submitted by: cmaddison

An Explosive Experiment

Some people call Alvin a wizard. Some call him an alchemist. Some whisper about him being a magician or a warlock. Almost everyone agrees that he’s slightly insane.
What Alvin considers himself to be is something much nobler, however. “A Man of Science” is his self-applied title: a great experimenter, a brilliant scholar, a modern incarnation of Plato, Socrates, Archimedes and all the rest. Although, in his day and age, a successful “scientist” is usually someone who’s either very lucky, or has experienced a lot of “trial and error”.
Whatever he is, Alvin is certainly not a very safe person to be around. His wild experimenting can often be very dangerous for a casual bystander. After he almost burned an entire village to the ground, the king decided it would be safer for everybody if Alvin was kept somewhere a little more “secluded”.
Naturally a dark, empty room in the basement of the royal castle would be the perfect place to hide away an annoying wizard; the thick stone walls and ceiling should be strong enough to protect the rest of the world from the wild antics of the mad pseudoscientist…right?

Submitted by: Digger1221

Bird Strike!!!

Here is the story for the MOC:

I am sure that members of the Lands of Classic Castle (LCC) know the lenfel Sir Caelan Munro and his adventures. It is less known that he also has 4 older brothers, who are even more talented and capable than he is. Or at least they think so.

Sir Caelan's less than stellar older brother, Lennox Munro is the second son of 5 and his special skill is... incompetence. Lennox always thought of himself as an alchemist: he conducted numerous, yet so far unsuccessful experiments in his basement like the transmutation of iron into gold (disintegrated into a rusty cloud) or the development of the elixir of life (turned out to be an excellent rat poison). The failures made him even more dedicated and, against all odds, he actually discovered something: a colorless, odorless, lighter than air gas; a noble gas obviously, as he is nobility. One could say that his favorite frog (let's emphasize the lenfel stereotypes), King Ribbit played a great role in the process: he was chasing a fly, jumped on the tank and got accidentally inflated.

"Mwuahhahahaa! We will make a fortune with that, Ribbit! I have a cunning plan!!!"

Several hours later... Lennox constructed a basket and tied king Ribbit to it. "That is a beauty! Let's make a test flight immediately, what could possibly go wrong?"

The frog-propelled-basket-thingy, as he named it, worked like a charm. The view was spectacular, he could see his manor and the surroundings. "I'm the king of the wooooorld!", he yelled but soon enough he learnt the hard way that his invention had a serious vulnerability issue. A rather hungry white stork started to circle around the frog and seconds later the aviation term bird strike became a whole new meaning...

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

Castle in a Boat

The King thought that he had come up with a brilliant idea. He would put his castle in a boat so that he could travel anywhere he wanted without even leaving his bed chambers. It seemed like a foolproof plan. That is, until his Castle Boat sprung a leak . . .

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Leap of Faith

For years this lonely peasant has been obsessed with the thought of the human man flying, and he wants to be the first. It seems he may not have done enough research though.

Submitted by: Justin M

Scientific progress goes "boink"

My entry for the Trial and Error category of CCCXI. Based on the great comic Calvin and Hobbes, this shows Calvin latest invention; the duplicator.

Submitted by: Quarktaart


The city had been endangered by a cunning, nasty creature having its lair definitely too close, that is a dragon. It was wreaking havoc in nearby villages, turning huge houses into a pile of ash, and what’s even worse – every day set off in search of its breakfast – usually slim and blonde...

Dragonator was designed to take numerous measurements of the reptile to find its weakest spot, which would allow to beat it with a single stroke.

But it seems that the dragon has found the machine’s weakest spot first...

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Ted Thug and the Truly Terrible Technicolor Trojan Horse

Ted Thug's latest idea is to build a Trojan Horse so he can spy on his enemies.

"They will think it is a work of art and bring it into the city for all to admire!" Ted exclaimed.

"This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard of." Anne replied. "This thing is hideous and it looks like something a child put together."

Submitted by: nanuck95

The Human Catapult

The siege had been going for days. A legion from the Dragon army had been sent to take Fort Crowley, a Lion stronghold at a strategic point along a road. But spies had informed the Lion King's generals, who had dispatched a small garrison force to bolster the men stationed at Crowley. Nevertheless, the Dragon forces, undaunted, had decided to lay siege anyway. Arrows and spears flew and sometimes struck home in brief skirmishes before the Dragon forces would eventually retreat back to the siege camp. And it would repeat over and over. It seemed a stalemate. The Dragon general, in desperation, decided to try an idea one of the kingdom's inventors had thought of. Although he thought it to be crazy, he decided it must be tried. If they could;t go through, they'd go over. The engineers, covered by large wooden shields held by soldiers, a catapult was rolled for ward. The Lion soldiers on the wall prepared to retaliate, but none seemed anxious. All attempts with catapults had failed, the rocks glancing off the wall, and any that managed any higher failed to hit the Lion soldiers, who were protected by the battlements. (The Dragon army was not provided with the most high quality of catapults). As this new attempt rolled forwards, the Lion defenders grew slightly uneasy as it drew closer to the wall than before. The dragon general stepped out from behind a shield and, in a loud voice, proclaimed,

Submitted by: Brickninja


War Log Day 26: The Siege was going very well, everything had gone as planned, the army has been in place for a few weeks and we had lost very few men. But once we started assaulting the walls was when we hit the problem... The Siege Tower was too short! I haven't decided what I am going to do to the Construction team for this. But it wont be pretty.

Submitted by: Takkata

To Tame a Beast

I, Sir Justin, am starting to wonder if training a dragon is pure brilliance or dumbness at its best. But I know if we succeed, we’ll have a mighty war beast to crush any foes in our path. “Do not back down now men!” “For the Glory of Loreos!!"

Submitted by: Justin M

Wooden train

The only description I need to give is this is why trains took so long to get invented because every body was afraid this was going to happen again.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

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