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Entries for Miscellaneous

A Creekside Cottage

Submitted by: zachbergstudios

A Good Idea?

Submitted by: Gavin of Lockwood

Aenglengaerb Castle

Residence of Roewyn Hode located near the border with Garheim

Submitted by: Griffon


Mark of Falworth, Captain Didrik Hansson and Acelerar the Areani knight have continued their journey into the dreaded Outlaw lands.

But no sooner had they climbed the majestic cliffs that separate the swampland from civilization then they were suddenly attacked by the forces of the tyrant queen Galainir!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

An Icy Encounter

Submitted by: royalbrickcustoms

Anthelmintic Therapy

This is my first entry for the CCC. ( )

It is an entry for the miscellaneous category and shows an unpleasant way of spending your holidays in the vast deserts of Loreos.

C&C welcome

Submitted by: BrickCommander


A small build I put together because I had been wanting to build a ballista for a while, and then I decided

Submitted by: Brickninja

Barrel Escape

Submitted by: Disco86

Brackenhill Tower

Submitted by: Justin M


Lego-game scale version of Carcassonne, the castle building game.

Submitted by: Becheman


Spoiler alert.

Based on the Game of Thrones series, I created Castamere Hall, after Tywin Lannister had shown the lord of Castamere who's boss. Afterwards minstrels made a song about it, called Rains of Castamere.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Dragon Bridge Attack

A micro fig scale creation of the lions attacking the dragons at there river fort.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Entrance into the Under World

Submitted by: Josdu

First Snow

Jørn Jakobsen and his men continue to lead their fellow villagers farther and farther away from Queen Galainir's forces to avoid conflict. Spirits in the camp are high though, and the new-fallen snow keeps Jørn optimistic that Queen Galainir's troops will end their search for them.

Submitted by: General JJ


This is my second entry for the CCC. ( )

It is an entry for the miscellaneous category and the sequel to the story of Sir Phillip (you can see him in the middle background). If you would like to know more about it click here:
The scene shows the queen's troops approaching the city of Greenmeadow in Loreos.
Some Garhim traders got surprised by the invaders.
Some were able to hide.

This had to be an entry for the misc category due to the size restrictions.

C&C welcome

Submitted by: Lord Lego


My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Hogwarts Castle

Here it is! After 2 and half year in the making, my Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!
It's also my biggest project so far with well over 12000 parts, it also features a full interior!

As you can see my stream is full with plain white pictures, that is because this is also my entry into CCCXI! For those of you who do not know you are only allowed to enter three pictures that is 800x600 big. So when the contest is done I will upload detailed shots of the whole castle on both the exterior and interior! So keep and eye out for that!
I will also post a video on my Youtube channle shortly so look forward for that!

btw I'm very sorry for the very bad picture, but I couldn't do better with my iPhone... :-(

I also want to say happy new year to everyone!

Submitted by: -DoNe-

In Good Hands

After exchanging excited pleasantries and cries of long hidden emotions, Elizabeth brought Harold, George, Ryan, and Holly back to her home. There, the party would be able to rest knowing that their quest had been successful while Harold and Elizabeth caught each other up on years of memories and experiences.
Once they arrived at her house, the party was surprised at the untarnished beauty of her home. The floors were patterned stone and sandstone, the bed was covered in a rich black sheet and the pillow was as white as the moon. A small hand carved table sat in the room, with stools enough for three. A candle flickered on an elaborate stand near the bedside. A chest sat in the corner, almost forgotten next to a table of potions and vials. A single cup sat on the main table next to a map of a forest that none of the men could recognize. Various wooden crates and boxes were strewn about the room, holding a number of different items.
Holly sniffed around the room with a vigor not seen since she left Angten. The room had a very airy, flowery scent to it, which the canine was no doubt picking up on. George made himself at home on one of the stools while Elizabeth and Harold chatted. Ryan stood, dumbfounded by the elegance of his surroundings.
“George, I cannot repay you for what you’ve done for Harold and myself. To reunite such love takes courage, and you don’t seem to lack it. Please, take this as a token of my gratitude.” Elizabeth’s voice was like a song, fair yet striking. She procured a dazzlingly blue stone from beneath her bed, offering it to George.
“What is this, dare I ask?” George pondered, his confidence not waived by the sudden appearance of Elizabeth’s humility.
“An artifact of ages past. My grandfather passed it down to me when I was a young child. It is no ordinary gem; rather it is all that remains of a star that had fallen to the Nortlen many years ago. There are few like it in this world, and they have been associated with good luck and used in sorcery since their discovery. I wish that you would take it.” Elizabeth looked up at George, flustered by the memory of her grandfather. She blushed, and smiled faintly.
“Are you sure you’d like to give it to me? I don’t think I’d really have a use for it. Luck has always been on my side thus far!” George said with a quizzical look. Shrugging, he took the precious stone into his hands and viewed it from all sorts of angles.
Ryan watched all that unfolded, although he was still unbelievably taken with his surroundings. The magnitude of the adventure was all starting to sink in, now that he had stopped for a break.
Ryan also wondered what would happen next, given that Harold’s quest was at an end. He made a motion to ask, but looking at the couple it dawned on him. Harold’s journey was over, whereas Ryan’s voyage had all but begun.

Submitted by: Overload

Life & Death

The Grim Reaper looking fellow on the bridge is the embodiment of death while the demon like creature is judgement. The ghosts on the death side represent the souls awaiting judgement while the spider, vulture, and hell-hound, bats, and skulls represent fear and death.
On the life side everything is green and growing representing (of course) life. There's a river, turtle, and dog to further the liveliness of this side. But behind the tree is an archer to illustrate the uncertainty of life. The bridge between life and death represents the inevitability of death while the gate on death's side illustrates that it's a one-way trip.

Submitted by: Crazy Llama

Lindon Castle

No one knows who has built Lindon, no one knows who is living in Lindon, no one knows if even Lindon exists...

Submitted by: FanLego

Longshanks' death

Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. This is showing a scene when Longshanks is dying in his own bed.

Submitted by: LL

Lost Oasis

A ruined desert outpost

Submitted by: blufiji

Mage's Training Grounds

High in the Heavenly Mountains, accessible only by a mountain tunnel concealed and guarded by ancient magic, lies a secret training ground for the battlemages of Mitgardia.

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Medieval bathing house

n the dark ages taking a bath was contrary to common believe very common in most european towns.

In most cases there was one big tub to bath in and several smaller ones with hot and cold water so that the temperature of the water in the big tub could be adjusted. There have also been saunas been used in some parts of europe.

Additional to bathing, people in medieval towns went to the bathing house to get foul teeth broken out or for other more fun "activities".

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Microscale Tournament

A pair of Knights prepare to show off their skill in front of the King.

Submitted by: gid617

Nædercynne Túr, Nædercynne

At the mouth of Nædercynne River by the harbour is Nædercynne Túr. The imposing structure looks out across the harbour and towards the sea allowing the guards a good view of any threats from the oceans.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Qualinesti Rescue

The Companions are rescued by the Qualinesti elves, after being captured by Fewmaster Toede

Submitted by: Kayne_

Secret Hideout

This is my third entry for the CCC. ( )

It is an entry for the miscellaneous category and the sequel to the story of Sir Phillip (you can see him in the middle background). If you would like to know more about it click here:
The scene shows Sir Phillip shortly after escaping from Greenmeadow through a secret mine tunnel together with the foreigners from the remote north.

This had to be an entry for the misc category due to the size restrictions.

C&C welcome

Submitted by: Lord Lego

Setting Off

Setting off to war.

Submitted by: Justin M


For many years the Synneora Rock was dwelled by a lone monk Athios, who had decided to spend the rest of his life meditating and devoting himself to God.

When Athios passed away, the rock soon became the center of the country's religious life. Hundreds of pilgrims and the nearby villages inhabitants volunteered to help building a new chapel for the memory of Athios - a man of Faith and Sacrifice.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

The Dark of Mirkwood

Submitted by: Legonardo

The Great Library at Saltoro

A place of study and meditation...and a growing treasury from late fees.

Submitted by: Brian Corredor

The Old Forest Road

The Draek Forest of the Enchanted Isles of Avalonia remains a mystery to much of the new world. It is as if a shroud continues to cover it's secrets and paths from outside exploration. Many of the only safe and quick ways through the forests depths are known only to the few native forestmen that call the inner woods home.

Submitted by: K.Kreations

The Ruins of Skara Kikos

An Adventure of Indiana Jones not quite worthy of a movie.

Submitted by: Takkata

The Ruins of Skara Kikos

An Adventure of Indiana Jones not quite worthy of a movie

Submitted by: Takkata

Village of Dragon's Bane

The Village of Dragon's Bane includes the Guild House, Inn, Smithy, and the Tower of the Rock.

Submitted by: Gilbert_Keith

Walk in the Wood

Submitted by: Lil_Curt

Wallace Monument

Creation for CCCXI. MOC is a model of Wallace Monument, a tower standing on the summit of Abbey Craig, a hilltop near Stirling in Scotland. It commemorates Sir William Wallace. This for Miscellaneous category.

Submitted by: LL

Wizard's tower

This is a good wizard's tower.

Submitted by: Legoholik

Ye Slightly Newer Forge

I was first inspired to build something "castley" by DCs CCC MOC, ye old forge. This MOC uses his model's basic shape but modifies all the techniques to "Z"ify it.

Submitted by: ZCerberus

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