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Entries for Dark Age Illumination

A Light in the Library

Though relatively rare, medieval libraries and centers of learning did exist. Here one could illuminate their mind (as well as a small corner of the build…if they had only one LEGO light and very little time).

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

All In The Past

Dark Age Illumination

731AD, Jarrow, Northumbria, England. The day is coming to an end as the monk, The Venerable Bede, is also coming to the end of his book Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (in English, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People) and in doing so gains himself the title 'Father of English History.

As the sun sets his fellow monks come and remind him that it is time for evening prayer.

The book is considered to be one of the most important original references on Anglo-Saxon history, illuminating this 'dark age' and has played a key role in the development of an English national identity.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Alone in the Dark

Submitted by: royalbrickcustoms

At the end of all things

A scene from "Lord of the Rings"

Submitted by: Disco86

Cave of Necromancy

Obsessed with finding a way to raise an army of the dead, Lord Raavage sends Harnold the Deranged to the caves of Mitgardia to find the long lost Ring of Necromancy. Little did Ravvage know the Ring is protected by an ancient order of druids sworn to prevent the living from raising the dead!


The best part of this creation for me is that all the lighting in LEGO purist. You can see from the first photo (as well as the video in my photo stream should you dare... I wasn't sure video would be allowed, so it is NOT in the set) that the lava is being lit by light bricks turned on and off by a PF motor and LEGO shock absorbers/springs. The other lighting is done by LEGO PF LEDs and a red light brick.

Submitted by: ZCerberus

CCCXI - Dwarven Forge

No finer blade nor stronger armor can be found in Roawia than those crafted by steady Dwarven hands. High in the mountains of Garheim, they work their mysterious metal into swords of unrivaled quality.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

Crystal dragon

Mother and father, Crystal dragons, guarding their eggs, on a frozen lake.

Submitted by: pijani


Night falls at the city...

Submitted by: Athalus

Facing the Fire

Mark of Falworth faces the fearsome dragon "Cyricus the Mighty" in the depths of the outlaw lands!

(Full story on Flickr.)

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Faerie Dragon

Sliding across crystals with a ember blue glow, the Faerie Dragon is one of the most noble of mythic creatures. Pure magic flows within her veins. One shouldn't fear nasty dragon talons or fangs, but powerful spells and astounding illusions.

Submitted by: Siercon and Coral

Ice palace

A classic medieval keep made from transparent bricks (outer walls are clear and inner keep is trans black). The only non transparent bricks are elements of the flags and angel figure. Lighting elements are affixed to all four levels of the castle interior and main tower rooftop. This was built for one of three holiday displays set up by the Twin Cities Lego Train Club this season.

Submitted by: DanSiskind

In Dungeons Not So Deep

After much quarreling between the party and the unfriendly guards, a compromise was reached. In exchange for passage into Minten, the group had to hand over their weapons, shields, and helmets over to the village guards for the duration of their stay. However, due to the altercation and general mistrusts for magicians, part of the agreement involved Scott being imprisoned for the entirety of the time his companions explored the settlement. The blue clad wanderer reluctantly agreed to these terms.
Robbed of his staff and with his hands bound in iron chains, Scott was escorted to the main keep, where we would be contained. The shortest tower in the keep was the prison tower, although a staircase led down into the maze of underground dungeons beneath the castle.
Thankfully, Scott was ushered into a room on the ground floor of the structure. Taking a moment to let his eyes adjust, Scott peered into the dusty cell he was being herded into. The guard grew impatient, however, and with a strong shove sent the apothecary onto the stone floor, knocking his black hat clean off his head. The thick oak door shut behind them, and the faint sound of the lock clicking hung in the air.
It was early morning, and the only light in the musty chamber was through a stained glass window. By the light of the rising sun, Scott suddenly became aware of the other two occupants in the chamber with him. One was propping himself upright on a small cot, and the other was on the floor with his back against the wall, frowning.
The man on the bed greeted him. “Hey there! Why the worried look? You got a lot going for you, believe it or not! Be thankful you ended up here, instead of in one of the deeper dungeons: they don’t forget to feed us nearly as often up here as they do down there!”
Scott managed to still look about the room with apprehension, despite the warm greeting. Well, I thought to make the best of my time here, Scott thought. Let’s just hope I’m not here for long…

Submitted by: Overload

Magic Cave

Submitted by: Disco86


One of the most known and recognizable scenes of Narnia series.
There is no custom light. The light comes from a simple LEGO light brick. Inside lamp post is trans-neon green antenna. And that's all. :)

Submitted by: FanLego

Shadows in the Night

Quickly moving through the night on urgent business, an elderly monk is nothing more then a mere shadow.

Submitted by: Justin M

The Wee Hours

When Lord Robert has trouble sleeping, a goblet or three of wine always helps.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Witches brew

Determined to stop her mischief once and for all the the brave knight bursts in atop his steed just as the mad witch puts the finishing touches on her latest brew.

Submitted by: Kurigan

Yursuff's Travels

Yursuff the used camel dealer is setting out on an another adventure.

Submitted by: Justin M

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