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Entries for Medieval Town

A Day in the Life

If you people watch long enough, you're bound to see some interesting things happen, even on rural streets like these.

Submitted by: cmaddison


The local militia found themselves fleeing quickly when they saw the Barricade was 'manned' properly by the townspeople.

Inspired by 'La Liberté guidant le peuple' by E. Delacroix and 'Nightwatch' by T. Pratchett

Submitted by: new danarchy

CCCIX: Medieval Town

The small town of Grorm, home of Gormeing, the leader of the Dragon Clan. It is a very strategically important town, as it has one of the few harbors on Rainos.

Submitted by: NightReaper

City of Vadonia

Submitted by: Disco86

Coast of Northern Lake

Convenient Northern Lake's coast were always inhabited by hundreds of people.

Submitted by: FanLego

Enlisting for the Army

So much is going on today in the village! From the joker showing off his juggling skills, to the common carriage crossing the street, to even a woman giving bread to the poor. But what's got people all excited is that the King, Queen, and their knights have come to the village to get some people enlisted into their army! TO WAR!!!

Submitted by: legoknight

Flea Bottom

In George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire" Flea Bottom is the poorest district in the city of King's Landing. It is a maze-like warren of narrow streets, ramshackle buildings, and dark alleys.

Submitted by: KumpelKante


Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. This is showing the saddest scene of movie, William's death.

Submitted by: LL


Gisellicburg is one of the proudest and mightiest cites of the Kingdom of Anselm. The entire metropolis is adorned with splendid palaces and grandiose buildings with columns of marble and windows of stained glass.
Countless streets and alleys are vigilantly guarded by the massive, ancient walls.
What secrets lie beneath the "city of the kings"? What hidden treasures and fortunes rest within...?

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth


Lake-town is a small settlement on wooden pillars sunk into the bed of the Long Lake. My creation shows a little part of this.
Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien "The Hobbit".

Submitted by: Fianat

Nædercynne Docks

The docks at the City of Nædercynne are key to the cities prominence amongst the neighbouring kingdoms. The neutral state is able to keep its own independence largely due to its historic religion and guileful traders.

With the nations around them dependent on the traders from Nædercynne passing on the worlds riches through the habour and on across the four seas and land.

The natural deep sea harbour allows the ocean going ships to anchor in the protected bay. The Nædercynne barges busily take the cargo loads from the docks warehouses to the ships.

Bit of cross catergory (Stay Felxible & We Need a Hero) going on here as well with the cape borrowed from my son, I'm mean Furno XL.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Settlement of beekeepers

Submitted by: BardDandelion

Streets of Illyria

Submitted by: Legonardo

The Bizarre Bazaar

Ryan shuffled through the street, his eyes growing wider and wider with each step. He was in the market of Minten; a massive, sprawling sector of the walled village where anybody could come and sell their wares. The scents, sounds, and sights of everything that one could possibly buy were littered on the streets in barrels, on tables, and inside chests.

Prior to Scott’s imprisonment, the apothecary handed over his potion recipe to the rest of the group, pleading that they attempt to find at least a few of the ingredients while he was stowed away. Ryan took that liberty upon himself, while Harold and George set off to find information about the famed Elizabeth.

Ryan’s expectations for the market had been vastly different than what he wandered into. In the market back in Angten, there were normally one or two vendors both selling the same item. It could not be more different in Minten. Each seller brought a multitude of items to sell, and on top of that there was a multitude of sellers. The selection was much grander than back in Angten as well, with more focus on foreign goods than on fish or grain.

Coming to his senses, Ryan tried to focus on looking for the items on the recipe. Each ingredient had a small image scrawled next to it, so Ryan had a sense for what he was looking for. That being said, he was still very much unfamiliar with the contents of the parchment. He strolled past a stand that sold potions, but none of them matched any description on the list. The red priest who tended the stand seemed disappointed in his loss of a potential buyer, but quickly focused on new clients.

To his left, Ryan noticed a massive stand with all sorts of items. A man in dark red and black garb sat behind the counter, advertising his stand as a “taste of all the continents.” Ryan’s interest was piqued; the plethora of goods before him displayed knapsacks of varying sizes, quivers, maps, books, and various trinkets from all over Nortlen, perhaps even some from the fabled fourth continent.

The wind picked up, and Ryan finally realized how cold he was. It was nearing winter, and he was still dressed in his coastal summer garb. I should probably buy some heavier clothing, if funds allow, He thought to himself. I wouldn’t want to freeze while on a mission like this! But first, the list. Right, the list.

As he looked at the list, one of the products matched the description. “2 Night’s Bane mushrooms” was written in Scott’s fanciful handwriting. Next to it, a crude illustration of a white stalked mushroom with an oddly bland colored cap.

Ryan spotted a woman was bartering with the vendor. Her voice was sweet, and her hair was long and dark. She wore a green cape around her neck, and otherwise had brown clothing. It appeared that she was buying a map.

Maybe I could talk to her, Ryan pondered, his thoughts drifting away from the task at hand, forgotten entirely in his infatuation. Holly sat impatiently at his side, awaiting her master’s next movements.

From behind him, a woman was calling out someone’s name. Ryan paid no attention to it, until he saw the beautiful lady before him turn at the sound of this call. Then, he suddenly grew very frazzled, albeit a tad bit excited.

“The door is stuck again, come help me please!” the woman from behind called out once more. “Elizabeth!”

Submitted by: Overload

The Hightower heist

When the great architect Kambises got the kings order to build a city in the area big only 48x48 Lego feets he was shocked, but as great as he was he did not ask for any details. He succeeded to make a strong, stone base. And on the stone structure there were other buildings made of wood and

Submitted by: Luka Kambises

The Town of Daydelon

Daydelon has become a very busy town. The church in the center of town has had many new buildings spring up around it, including a bakery and inn.

The bakery is the red building while the inn is the tan building. All three buildings have full interiors and all the doors work.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Trade day at the Docks

Towns people come from near and far to trade their goods.

Submitted by: Justin M

Trouble in St. Swannick

It was a glorious day for Sir Godfrey and his company of loyal soldiers, on their annual patrol of the king's counties. But upon reaching the town of St. Swannick, their pleasant march was interrupted with the dreadful news that the populace was being harassed by a crafty band of forestmen!

"They swipe our livestock and rob us of our hard-earned coin!" The peasants grumbled to the knights.

Sir Godfrey then turned to his men. "This is no longer a march, but a manhunt, my friends! Move out, men! We'll flush these weasels right out of their greenwood!"

Submitted by: Brother Steven

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