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Entries for Fantasy Castle Figure


Consumed by darkness, the Abysmal Queen feasts on souls of the wandering and fates them to be damned for all eternity. Once unleashed from oblivion, an infinite torment awaits all men, dwarves and elvenkind for so it shall be, the curse of spines stabs like a blade lost in darkness...

Submitted by: acrosswaves

Archangel Dora

Archangel Dora, Queen of the Valkyries. Her hallowed spear has slain more foul beasts in the olden days where Gods and Demons waged a war. Her winged sword judges dead soldiers and heroes, those that are deemed worthy of serving in the Army of Light will have recieved a blue glow from the blades, and their souls rise from their corpses. Dora is gathering these soul armies, together with all the other Valkyries out there, for the eventual showdown at Ragnarok, the end of days where Evil will unleash itself again.

Submitted by: tomcatrio

Archangel of Light

"Wielding the Spear of Purity, he faced head on the demonic hordes that streamed forth from the darkness," - The scrolls of Creation

Submitted by: nivremis


A master of both martial and arcane combat, this mage is a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Submitted by: Armored Archer

Brynolf aff Kwrala

Brynolf aff Kwrala was raised in the dreadful stone mines in the deserts of Loreos, and in a particularly brutal uprising, he gained his freedom and escaped to the lands of the Outlaws. Since then he has lived the life of revenge seeking out and battling any Loreesi he can find. Beware the juggernaut of the swamps!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

CCCXI - Elderath Bloodmire, Vampire Lord

The Elves of Dannonvale knew better than to accept his dinner invitations. The men knew better than to refuse.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

Centaur knight

custom centaur using a horse with a chewed head. with armor, sword, crossbow, pike axe.

Submitted by: Peter the great

Chiyou- God of War of Ancient China

Chiyou- God of War of Ancient China

Submitted by: kingarthur

Damaris Warrior Wizard

Submitted by: Leopold

Dark Angel

Submitted by: yanakin

Dark Ser Chasm in the Classroom

Once a proud member of the King's Guard, Ser Chasm returned home one night to find his family gone, his house raised and his dog eaten. O that day he became the Dark Ser Chasm, on a never-ending quest to recover what was stolen from him. He likes to hang around in classrooms.

Submitted by: Becheman

Death Reaper

"Peasant or king, bandit or hero, ultimately we all have but one end" - Book of Souls.

Submitted by: nivremis

Demon Knight

Submitted by: mpoh98


Submitted by: Kayne_

Dungeon Ghoul

The sound of his ball and chain being dragged across the stones of the dungeon floor has made many a prisoner mad with terror. His long clammy fingers have choked the life from many screams in the night. Beware the dungeon ghoul...

Submitted by: AK_Brickster

Elven Assassins

Submitted by: mpoh98

Fairy Godmother

This entry I tried to come up with a fairy using lego only parts. Enjoy

Submitted by: Lil_Curt

Feline Fatale

Fleet foot, regal, and she swiftly deals a killing strike with her quarry never knowing what attacked. Through the forest growth her perfect camouflage makes her unseen except to the Wood Elves. This day, she was prowling the edge of the Great River, when she heard her master call to her.
“Whiskas! Come! Quick. Orcs.”
Whiskas let off a soft growling purr. Her master and companion, Rachelle, was an Old Eldalie: A forest Guardian of an ancient legendary race, elf-like with an elven physique. Yet she had clawed fingers and feet, whiskers on her nose and a tail , just like a feline. Rachelle is skilled with blades and bow, wielding them like the wind rustling leaves. But she could fight just as well with her own clawed hands, if she chose too. And her fangs could deliver a nasty bite, too.
Riding atop Whiskas, they charged into a convoy of Orc scouts, delivering arrow after arrow, before using her double-bladed scythes and fighting daggers.

Submitted by: tomcatrio

Flower Fairy

Apart from Lego parts, I used some fresh, living flowers: Pink Orchid for the dress and wings, Hoya Carnosa - the tiny star-shaped ones and a leaf band on the fairy's head.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Goblin Brute

Scream loudly and carry a huge battleaxe!

Submitted by: cmaddison



Submitted by: kingarthur

Ice Lord

Ice Lord's will usually give you the cold shoulder when you ask them to pose for a picture. they live with their ice spiders somewhere in the arctic…or the syfy channel.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

Improved BatLord

An improved version of the BatLord figure from the Fright Knights theme.

Submitted by: Armored Archer

Leon Daxel

Created for this year's CCC XI's fantasy figure category, professional hero Leon Daxel takes the stage. A veteran of many battles, and champion of justice- Leon features a custom saber/knife combo, beaten steel armor, and a heroic cape complete with blade sheaths, not to mention his fantastic heroic hairstyle! (A must for all true heroes.)

Submitted by: Lord Mercat

Light Loreesi Cavalry

This is my first entry for the Classic Castle Contest.
Besides it is an entry for the current local challenge of LCC (Land of Classic Castle)

The Loreesi are famous for their powerful cavalry units. This is a warrior of the light cavalry swinging the deadly Ravens Beak.

Submitted by: Lord Lego

Lord Maeven on Felsentritt, carrying the Goddess Banner

Not here, it could not be! The lesser being itself was not a threat, these bones would surely shatter. Felsentritt was about to run it over and the last thing it would ever see would be the Goddess Banner in its glory. However, an undead was not supposed to be that close to the inner realm. The Goddess herself would need to be alarmed, the army assembled, the old ones called. She would not like this, not at all...

Submitted by: MWardancer

Minotaur Warrior

Submitted by: Justin M

Nordic Warlord

A ferocious warmonger of the Baltic wilderness.

Custom accessories include. Custom cape. Custom painted Brickforge Sorcerer Staff. Custom genuine leather boots. Custom BrickWarriors armor, helm and horns.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Outlaw Fire Mage

This vicious outlaw, trained in the art of wielding fire, leads a feared band of warriors throughout Roawia in order to conquer his enemies.

Submitted by: General JJ

Skeleton Pirate

Submitted by: Josdu

Stump Suit

A sale at the local market provided squire Timmy with a brand new stump suit! It camouflages in ANY situation.

Submitted by: Takkata

The Bad Assassin aka Badass

My entry to the Fantasy Castle Figure category: the Badass.

The Badass is a fierce and most feared SOB (Swordsman Obligated to Backstabbing).

His main weapon is the crosssword (not the word puzzle, even though he is kinda smart too); it has two grips allowing the assassin to quickly adjust his combat style during a fight:
- The sword can be held as an ordinary sword attacking position)
- When held by the crossgrip (defending position), the sword's back lies on the forearm and used for blocking attacks even though it can be slided rapidly to strike.

Normally one of the swords is held in the attacking, the other one in the defending position.


The only customized parts are the two swords. The basis were two old timey shortswords, which have been turned into single-edged, slightly curved bladed swords.

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

The blind Carnivore

Submitted by: Disco86

The Mountain Man

King of the Wescalor peaks and Lord of the Yeti clans, "Mountain Man" is a recluse who has evaded all human interaction for decades. With his antler staff, razor-sharp tomahawk and towering crown of snow-white hair, he is a strange character worthy of his presumptuous titles.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The orc defiler

Brutal orc, who uses venoms and shadow curses to defeat his enemies. On the head he is carrying a elk skull which makes him even more threatening

Submitted by: Luka Kambises

The Wanderer

Created for the CCC XI as a completely rehauled and redone version of an older figure I had made a while back (the figure itself is entirely new, just based on the design of a figure I made previously) the Wanderer is a roving master swordsman with an unknown destiny. Complete with awesome wrap around (and fully mobile) cloak and custom swordsman's hat, and blades (with sheaths of course) the Wanderer is a mysterious man of unmatched skill.

Submitted by: Lord Mercat

Treasure-Hungry Troll

Scavenging the countryside for hapless traders to ambush, this troll may only have one eye, but it is an eye for all things golden.

Submitted by: AK_Brickster

Troll Master

Submitted by: Justin M

Ulfric Ax-Breaker

Ulfric Ax-Breaker was once a peaceful blacksmith. But during the Platinus invasion of Dragswood his entire village was destroyed leaving him alone in the world. He then turned his smithing skills to the making of a weapon that would aloud him to avenge his friends and family. The giant mace-like weapon he forged from the axes of defeated foes became known and Ax-Breaker and with it in hand he set out to on his quest of vengeance.

Submitted by: Crazy Llama

Yazgrahk - Orc brute teratism

Submitted by: Disco86

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