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Entries for Court Entertainment

A Fortunate Misfortune

The King, after suffering such a great financial loss in his latest investment, was exceedingly disheartened and gloomy. So gloomy that his noble friends were beginning to worry about his health. So worried, that they sent Sir Godfrey and Sir Phillip to fetch the Jolly Jumble Jester triplets.

Upon arriving, John, James, and Joe immediately began their popular routine, they sung their songs and danced their dances, yet the king's depression remained. His royal brow still was wrinkled in consternation, unable to forget his lost money.

At length, the jesters, desperate, attempted their most daring and tricky trick yet. James jumped on John, John jumped on Joe, and Joe, about to jump onto a ball, had the misfortune to miss his footing! Down the brothers went, crashing to the hard marble floor below. The spectacle was so hilarious that the King burst into a roar of laughter and the whole hall of spectators followed suit.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

CCCXI - Court Entertainment - The Frosted Mug

No one in the mountain town could stand the Court Jester, Peter, whom everyone referred to as Pester the Jester. Today, Pester had found a new game he liked to call

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

Chess Game

Submitted by: Josdu

Clowns & Vikings

Jesters aren't as appreciated in the far north as they are in the warmer Guilds. In fact, Erik the Angry appreciates jesters so little that he typically runs them right out of town--an event that is usually incredibly entertaining for the bystanders; not so much for the jester.

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Dancing Bear, Hidden Dragon

King Bernard is notorious for his desire to be entertained. The Dragon Masters use his vice to their advantage. Resized for CCC rules.

Submitted by: ZCerberus

Dinner and a Show

Our Goblin Brute has come a long way from just chopping off heads. He's found himself a wife, a following, a castle, and crowned himself Goblin King. Tonight, he enjoys a double-feature by the butcher, with feast to follow.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Entertaining the King

Two jesters are putting on a mock sword fight for the king and the queen. The king is quite obviously enjoying himself.

Submitted by: Justin M

Fantasy Era Zoo

A wandering zoo full of misty creatures is residing in the king's castle.

Submitted by: Disco86

Jousting Tournament

The King has commanded a private jousting match for himself and the queen.

Submitted by: Justin M

Keep the balance!

The king has been blue for a week already - it was a busy time for the royal jester, who tried numerous tricks to entertain him. Unfortunately, all of them were fruitless - even most dangerous acrobatic performance seems not to be enough...

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Medieval Tournament

A Tournament was a series of mounted and armoured combats, fought as contests, in which a number of knights competed and the one that prevailed through the final round or finished with the best record was declared the winner and awarded a prize, or purse of money.

Submitted by: Izmael10

Next please

Submitted by: BardDandelion

Purple Wedding

My entry for the Court Entertainment category of CCCXI. Based on George R. Martins books. Spoiler alert.

It shows the duel of two dwarfs riding a pig and a dog at the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. Joffrey mostly did it to annoy his uncle Tyrion.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Royal Dessert

In this case the clown will rather not amuse the king and avoid his wrath. :)

Submitted by: FanLego

The Jongleurs Tale

The young King was not easy to please. Many had tried their hand at impressing the young monarch: jugglers, animal trainers, barbarians from afar. These attempts were met with yawns.

One day, a young jougleur came into court and requested an audience with the King. Those in attendance were certain the young storyteller would fail as many before him had. Then, he began to speak.

He told the King a tale of heroism and bravery. He told of far off places and daring feats. He told the King his own history, and the young King was gripped. He hung on every word until the end of the tale, and thanked the jongleur for his story.

The storyteller left the castle without ever having to tell a story ever again... except this one

Submitted by: adamsonofwilliam

The royal jester and son

It had been a long and boring day in the kings castle, with lots of judging in boring disputes. So now the king had called for the royal jester. He had brought his son and they did a hilarious act and saved the day again.

Submitted by: bentoft

The Unhappy Prince

Hello All,

Here is my entry into the CCCXI, Court Entertainment. I had tons of fun building this scene, experimenting with different techniques.

Very much inspired by Brother Steven and digger1221!

This creation was inspired by a story/virtue from a book we have, of a sad prince who could never smile, and was always sad. The king wanted his son to be happy and smile, so he issued a proclamation throughout the kingdom. Anyone who could make the prince smile/laugh/be happy would get a small chest of gold. People all over the kingdom came over to try out their luck. Time and time again they tried, but to no avail. The prince would not smile. In desperation, the king sent messengers to the farthest reaches of the kingdom, to try and find anyone. One messenger came to a small peaceful farm, where a little happy girl lived. When she heard the proclamation, she knew what the prince needed. When she arrived at the palace, she simply said, "God loves you." Hearing this, the prince gladdened, and smiled, then laughed! Rejoicing, the king gave a feast, and gave the little girl the chest of gold. She used it to help the poor people throughout the kingdom, and those who needed it.

I don't remember the full story (I can't find the book), so this story is from what I remember, it is the general idea of what happened, the story is much more detailed. If I ever find that story again, I will make sure to edit it here (I am 100% sure I made mistakes, maybe even some parts are changed).



Submitted by: mpoh98

The Wandering Gypsy

A wandering gypsy and his dancing bear came to the kingdom to amaze inhabitants with their unique stunts.

Submitted by: burlogh

The war of minstrels and the mystery game

In the 13th century the Sängerkrieg, a contest between several minstrels took place at the Wartburg (Germany). First the contest was about finding out, wich of the six contestants, including Wolfram von Eschenbach and Walther von der Vogelweide could best honor their feudal lord best with their songs and poets. That contest a battle of poets followed, which was called the Rätselspiel (mystery game) In the course of events the hungarian sorceror Klingsor (i did not make that name up, really his name) summoned a demon, that was defeated by Wolfram von Eschenbachs song.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Too Much Elven Wine

Submitted by: Kayne_

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