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Entries for Alternate Model

70402 The Tollbridge Raid

Submitted by: Disco86

Aldmar Castle

A study tower-keep constructed from the parts of the King's Castle set (70404-1)

Submitted by: Brother Steven

An Outpost on Wheels

Submitted by: Azaghal

Assault on Dragon Tower

Alternative model using pieces from set 70403 Dragon Mountain.

The set has three pieces. A knight with catapult mounted on staircase, the entrance gate to Dragon Tower, and Dragon Tower itself. The main building has a door at the rear hidden by the cobweb and protected by the evil guard. Inside on the ground floor is a secret fire room with large flame, while at the front of the building the keys to this room, underneath the dragon head, are guarded by the booby-traps.

On the first floor the princes and treasure chest are held captive, meanwhile the sorcerer's magic room with cauldron is on the second floor, and final the sorcerer himself is on the roof.

Submitted by: LegoFabs

beyond the impossible!

Because you thought an alternate model out of 6026 was impossible.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Blacksmith Attack Alternate

Ok Guys so here it is. Its not radically different as I still wanted a Black smith shop But I just never Liked the Original set lay out so I made my own version. Back story...

Sir Not appearing in the film has come of age and is in need of some weapons and armor Before the "Kingdoms Royal Tournament". A tournament meant to draw out the Outlaw Robin hood. So he takes all his savings in the form of a golden nugget and goes to visit Raynard Smith or " Smithy " as he is known by the local towns folk. Here we see the 2 talking about what is available in the little shop, And what Sir NA is looking for. As you can see by the Expression on smithy's face he is more then happy to help out the young knight, with what he needs before the tournament.

Submitted by: Lil_Curt


Defiant to the last, the queen takes up her husband's sword to protect his corpse.

Submitted by: zed0

Folding Fortress

Alternate Model of Set 10223 Kingdom's Joust

I was going for a classic Black Falcon's Fortress kind of feel, complete with folding walls and out buildings for the discrimnating knight or noble.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

Lord and Lady at the Wall

Alternate build of 3739 Blacksmith Shop. Here our Blacksmith is a noble Lord,, imaginary townsfolk. They apparently didn't care about him when he was just a meager blacksmith, and didn't bother to appear in the set. The part of his wife is still played by his wife; she's just been upgraded to Lady.

I tried for the classic technic pin and hole modular wall style of the 80's castle sets, minus the technic pin and hole.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Setting Out

Set used: Medieval Market Village (10193)

Submitted by: Justin M

Siege Tower Attack

This MOC was built only using pieces that came in the set 70402 The Gatehouse Raid.

The Dragon knights attack a Lion knight wall using their siege tower.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

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