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Entries submitted by FanLego

Arc Castle

Arc Castle is located at the foot of the Needle Mountains- extremely strategic position. Being guarded by elite warriors Arc has never been taken. Except of defence values, the castle is always open for travellers.

Submitted by: FanLego

Coast of Northern Lake

Convenient Northern Lake's coast were always inhabited by hundreds of people.

Submitted by: FanLego

Dance lesson

Little Burgundy is getting a dance lesson in the Crystal Hall.

Submitted by: FanLego

Lindon Castle

No one knows who has built Lindon, no one knows who is living in Lindon, no one knows if even Lindon exists...

Submitted by: FanLego


One of the most known and recognizable scenes of Narnia series.
There is no custom light. The light comes from a simple LEGO light brick. Inside lamp post is trans-neon green antenna. And that's all. :)

Submitted by: FanLego

Royal Dessert

In this case the clown will rather not amuse the king and avoid his wrath. :)

Submitted by: FanLego

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