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Entries submitted by Brickninja


A small build I put together because I had been wanting to build a ballista for a while, and then I decided

Submitted by: Brickninja

Peasant Field Worker

James Stoneworth, a field worker for Sir Charles of Dannegard. He is good with his trusty pitchfork, and carries a canteen of ale in the fields with him, so as not to be dehydrated, and because water is often unsanitary.(In medieval times)

Submitted by: Brickninja

The Human Catapult

The siege had been going for days. A legion from the Dragon army had been sent to take Fort Crowley, a Lion stronghold at a strategic point along a road. But spies had informed the Lion King's generals, who had dispatched a small garrison force to bolster the men stationed at Crowley. Nevertheless, the Dragon forces, undaunted, had decided to lay siege anyway. Arrows and spears flew and sometimes struck home in brief skirmishes before the Dragon forces would eventually retreat back to the siege camp. And it would repeat over and over. It seemed a stalemate. The Dragon general, in desperation, decided to try an idea one of the kingdom's inventors had thought of. Although he thought it to be crazy, he decided it must be tried. If they could;t go through, they'd go over. The engineers, covered by large wooden shields held by soldiers, a catapult was rolled for ward. The Lion soldiers on the wall prepared to retaliate, but none seemed anxious. All attempts with catapults had failed, the rocks glancing off the wall, and any that managed any higher failed to hit the Lion soldiers, who were protected by the battlements. (The Dragon army was not provided with the most high quality of catapults). As this new attempt rolled forwards, the Lion defenders grew slightly uneasy as it drew closer to the wall than before. The dragon general stepped out from behind a shield and, in a loud voice, proclaimed,

Submitted by: Brickninja

The Rogue's Gathering

The Rogue's Gathering is the base of operations for a secretive band of outlawed and outcast lords and knights known as the Rogue Hunt. Built into a cave in the side of a cliff and heavily camouflaged, it is invisible from the top and difficult to notice from the front, with a bush covering up the doorway and boulders and plant life positioned along the exterior. The inside holds food, weapons, maps, and a table for the discussing of plans.

Submitted by: Brickninja

Village Garrison Archer

The villages and small towns of the Dannegardian kingdom all maintain a small garrison, as bandits and marauders are not an uncommon threat. These men would have no official uniform, but would be armed with basic swords, glaives, spears, bows, and crossbows, and occasionally the non-archer men would be armored with hardened leather jerkins, and other light protection.The photo above is of Robert Hawkens, a resident of the village of Dunharris, who has some skill with the bow. Most villages require weapons practice regularly.

Submitted by: Brickninja

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