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Entries submitted by matt.guitar.j

Castle Libris 2013

High above the valley of the Arrow River sits Castle Libris. In spite of recent attacks that burned away some of the roof of the front barracks and blackened the corner of the north tower, Castle Libris is still considered a venerable fortress.

The castle features stairs and bridges connecting several towers, a trap door into the mountain, two rooms with stained-glass windows, thrones inside the central tower, panels allowing access to the castle interior, a library, a four-poster bed, and a kitchen with roasting spit and chimney.

Submitted by: matt.guitar.j


Edendel is a castle befitting a high lord. It features a large gatehouse with twin tourelles (the capped turrets) attached to the uppermost tower. The draw bridge and portcullis ensure security at the front gate. Two corner towers, equipped with multiple arrow slits, aid the defense of the land. The castle walls are crenellated and wall walks ensure that guards can defend the walls at every point. Twin towers at the rear of the castle provide additional security.

Inside the castle walls, there is a separate keep with a balcony, and featuring a great hall for gatherings. The castle grounds also include a smithy, a well, and a small chapel.

The play set separates into three wall sections, and the keep can be removed from within the castle. Both the gatehouse and the keep hinged open to enable access to the interior.

Submitted by: matt.guitar.j

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