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May 2010
Ultimate castle set showdown!
Brce 29 V 10

Let's get a final answer to the eternal question. Robin Hood has set up a process to determine the greatest castle set of all time. In the first round you PM him nominations, and later on we will vote. So, make your voice heard. You may go old school and vote for yellow bricks and non-molded horses, or maybe minifigs in green tights are your thing, or maybe something from the last few years. If anyone nominates Witch's Windship, though, they may be banished from the realm. Just kidding. Go make your nominations.

Castle Caption #3
Ben E. 25 V 10

Welcome to Castle Caption #3!

For those of you who are familiar with the original Classic-Castle Picture Captioning, this is a bit different. There are no final votes, there is no "best caption." This is just for fun for fun's sake.

Leave your caption in our forum thread.

Pink Knights?
Ben E. 23 V 10

Cupid's army has invaded the LEGO Castle realm! The common Lion soldier needs additional white paint on his quartered torso. In this case the potentially made in China Jester torso is superior to the European produced knight torsos.

Discuss the issue in our forum. Your feedback will be shared with The LEGO Group.

Weekly Set Re-Review: Knight's Castle
Ben E. 16 V 10

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 6073 Knight’s Castle.

Knight’s Castle, released in 1984, was the first Black Falcon castle. It has two archer towers, a small gate tower with red bricks, a drawbridge, and a jail. The set includes two knights, two archers, two spearmen, and accessories.

Brick-Built figs
Bruce 14 V 10

What would life be like if LEGO had never come up with the minifig? Would we be stuck with lifeless, unpopulated structures? Not if these three builders had anything to say about it. Starting in the upper left of the picture above, Monsterbrick was inspired by the new Minotaurs game. He came up with a troop (herd?) of minotaurs for an expanded game, but then continued on to make other monsters and characters, digging into old D&D material for inspiration. He came up with a number of micro, or perhaps minimal scale creations, trying to create recognizable creatures and characters using the smallest possible number of bricks. These all populate his Micro Mythico Micropolis that he recently unveiled at a renaissance faire. Discuss these figs in this thread. In response to Monsterbrick's creations, MooseBot came up with a figure he calls the midifig. He's set himself a challenge to create one a day, and has declared May: MooseBot's Month of Midifigs. His figs have already spanned a number of genres, from pirates to Star Wars, but the bulk of them so far have been in a Castle theme. Discuss these in this thread. Going even smaller, Tanotrooper has created tinyfigs - recognizable characters based around stacks of 1x1 plates. He was originally inspired by the official Star Wars MINI sets. He decided they needed to be accompanied by figs, and came up with stormtroopers made from simple white and black 1x1 round plates. More recently, when making some planes at this scale for a Brickfilm, he decided he needed pilots, and this led to the develop a series of tinyfigs from across history. He plans to use these along with his TTfigs to create the illusion of large armies in the distance beyond figs in the front of the photo. He presents these in this thread.

Monsterbrick is active in Sandlug, as well as various online forums, and his MOCs can be found on Flickr. MooseBot is a founding member of NORDLUG and his MOCs can be found on Flickr and Brickshelf. Tanotrooper is active in BeLUG, Eurobricks and CC and his MOCs can be found on Flickr and Brickshelf.

Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi
Bruce 9 V 10

Every few years, Tony Sava comes up with a new MOC that defines the genre. The first things I remember from him were his dragons, led by Formethean, that really set the bar for large articulated brick-built creatures. These beasts were used in Ikros, that really helped found the area of brick-illustrated stories. Then, several years later Ulmaris showed us the definitive castle. Of course along the way he's created a lot of other great castle MOCs, not to mention his work in trains and other genres. Oh, and he did a little thing like help found this forum. Now he brings us the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi. I know Tony would be the first to point out that he learned from the great cathedrals of other AFOLs, many of which have been featured here, but the execution here is breathtaking. It's been fun to follow this in progress and now to see the completion.

Tony is a member of most of the major AFOL forums and also an active participant in TexLUG. Of course, he's also one of our admins. Follow his Flickr for all of his new stuff, and you can also check out his stories at Ikros and his older MOCs on Brickshelf.

All Along the Clocktower
Bruce 5 V 10

Hippotam is a polish AFOL and member of CC. He planned out a MOC for the last CCC, but it wasn't ready in time and needed more work. It was worth the wait, though, to see his Clocktower. Be sure to follow the link to see all the detailed action going on. This structure was based loosely on the Cardiff Castle Clocktower, with some aspects inspired by the Town Hall Tower in his home town of Krakow.

Hippotam is the founder of the blog Klocki, and while he is a member of many of the major forums, he is most active on LUGPol. His current creations can be found in his Flickr stream, and while he no longer updates his Brickshelf gallery, you can go there to see his older MOCs.

Weekly Set Review: Court Jester
Ben E. 2 V 10

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 7953 Court Jester.

Court Jester was released in 2010 for Kingdoms. This impulse set contains a juggling jester entertaining on his colorful stage. Various accessories such as a white and red jester's hat, juggling balls, and flags are included.

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