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Temporary Forum Solution
Ben E 22 VII 11

Currently the forums are having technical difficulties. You may not be able to read text in forum threads. Anthony Sava, our Webmaster, is working on fixing this problem. In the mean time please log in and take the following steps:

1. Log into your user control panel
2. Click on Board Preferences
3. Change ‘My Board Style’ to 'prosilver' or ‘subsilver2’

These steps should allow you to read and post in threads until we solve the forum issues. Thank you for your patience.

- CC Staff

Forum problems
Bruce 22 VII 11

It's not your computer. There's a problem with the forum. We're working on it. BTW, chat still works, so you can probably check in there for news.

Compound bow
Bruce 18 VII 11

Husband and wife team Sean and Steph Mayo are better known as Siercon and Coral in our forum, on Eurobricks, Forbidden Cove, Brickwars and elsewhere. A while ago Sean was doing some archery and wondered why LEGO never came up with a compound bow. So they started fiddling around with small elements, and hit upon the zip line handle. With a lot of tinkering and trial and error, they came up with a great design that can even fire! The flexibility and poseability are outstanding. Siercon and Coral have created a great number of MOCs since they joined our forum this year, all of which can be found in their Flickr stream.

Temple of the Tan Tiger
Bruce 22 VII 1

My childhood was filled with fear. My parent's death confused me. As I grew older, I began to yearn for the answers to my many questions. The road offered me a path to discover these truths. I started by the sea. Yet I did not discover what I sought. I wandered for many weeks until I finally reached the forest. Yet my questions still could not be answered. I continued on until I happened upon an old man, deep in meditation. He seemed to know who I was. The old man told me of the great war, and of my father's conscription. He said that my father's skill with the sword was legendary. The old man also told me about how my father had once saved the life of the Daimyo's son. The Daimyo was so thankful that he granted my father a fief up in the mountains. When I turned to thank the old man for clearing some of the clouds covering my mind, he had vanished without a trace. I decided that my father's fief was a good place to look for guidance and I found myself, again, on the road. The mountain tested me, yet I did not give in to exhaustion. The image of my father gave me strength I didn't know I possessed. Fate saw me safely to the top of the summit, where I discovered an ancient abandoned temple. Upon entering the temple I had a vision of myself, decades older, surrounded by disciples and students of the old ways. When I awoke I smiled. Although it will take many years of work to fulfill my vision, I now know. I have become all that my father wanted me to be. I have become a man. Such is the journey to the Temple of the Tan Tiger.

Sam W, aka Infomaniac, is an AFOL from upstate New York and a member of forums including Eurobricks, Builders Lounge, and, of course, Classic-Castle. He was originally working on the landscaping, and when watching the movie The Last Samurai, he was inspired to try his hand at Japanese architecture. After building the Temple, he wrote the backstory in vig form to introduce his creation. All of Sam's MOCs can be found on Flickr, Brickshelf and MOCpages.

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