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Sungnyemun Gate
Bruce 14 V 12

During the medieval era, Seoul South Korea was a walled city. The Sungnyemun (Gate of Exalted Ceremonies), built in the fourteenth century, was one of the three major gateways into the city. Until the pagoda roof section atop the gate was destroyed by fire four years ago, it was the oldest wooden structure in Seoul. It is currently under reconstruction and set to reopen at the end of this year. The Sungnyemun holds pride of place as the first official National Treasure of South Korea. It is sometimes called the Namdaemun (Great Southern Gate), though some dislike the use of that name since it was associated with the Japanese occupation.

Amida is a Korean AFOL whose work can be found on his own site, as well as on Flickr and two different Brickshelf galleries. He built this Sungnyemun Gate as part of a display at the recent LEGO World Tower event, that set a record for the world's tallest LEGO structure.

Edit - In a nice coincidence of timing, just after posting this to the front page I saw the announcement that LEGO will be releasing a microscale version of Sungnyemun as the next structure in the LEGO Architecture line.
Lands of Classic-Castle
Bruce 3 V 12

If you've visited the forum in the last several weeks, you've surely noticed an amazing new development. Several forum members started up a group project called the Lands of Classic-Castle, or LCC for short. The LCC project is a group-created world. You are invited to join one of four factions, each of which has their own characteristic terrains, populations and resources. You can also join a guild and complete challenges to increase your rank as a hero, mason, merchant or mage. Challenges have been put in place to encourage your building, such as the character introduction, the royal feast. All of the LCC discussion is taking place in the Stories forum, though most people are also posting their MOCs in the Castle MOCs forum. Join the fun today and help build up the world!

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